Opening a bank account in China

The economy of China is developing very quickly. The foregoing has positive impact on the financial component of the country. Banking system of the People's Republic of China offers a wide range of services. The partner bank of our company in China is Ping An Bank which has high level of confidentiality that is controlled by law. The state itself is the holder of most shares of the financial institution, which indicates reliability.

Opening bank account in China is one of our activities. Law&Trust Company cooperates with clients all over the world, and the service is offered both to natural persons and legal entities.

Opening corporate bank account in China

The purpose of opening account with a foreign bank can consist both in optimizing the business and in improving own income. Bank account in China will help to establish relations with local corporations for further cooperation and growth. Our company offers you services that can simplify the procedure, because we are engaged in determining the exact list of documents for each individual case.

Nuances and features of opening bank accounts in China for non-resident company

  1. In order to open bank account in China, it is necessary to provide the package of documents both for the company and its participants.

  2. Information on the activities of the company should provide for the indication of the main business partners and the expected turnover.

  3. The participant of the company should have the address in the territory of China or the phone number. Otherwise, you can be refused in rendering financial services, and in addition, all the confirmation codes for transactions in your personal account are sent to the number of the Chinese telephone provider.

  4. If the company operates for more than 3 months from the date of its establishment, than it should have a certificate on confirmation of financial status in addition to the standard package of documents, which includes passports and samples of signatures of all beneficial owners, as well as the charter, extract from the register and miscellaneous documents.

Opening bank account in China for non-resident natural person

The term for consideration of the documents is about 10 days from the moments of receiving. In addition to settlement account, it is possible to open deposit or savings account in China. There are no special requirements for balance on the account, so it can be equal to zero, and all the transactions are conducted within 2-3 days.

If the transactions are carried out frequently and in large amounts, it is possible to reach an agreement with the representatives of the bank on setting the maximum threshold for transfer fee. Account management is conducted from any country through online account.

China: list of banks
Name of the bank Account opening cost Founded
Ping An Bank 1500 USD 1990