To open an account you will need the following documents:


  • Statutory documents in full (or legalized copy of the original),
  • attorney, providing powers of account opening (legalized copy or original)
  • Business Plan:
    • activities of the company;
    • counterparties (company name, address, phone, website, email address, type of activity);
    • planned turnover in the year and the exact number of transactions per month.
  • Council Decision of Directors to open a bank account and giving the right to control its Authorized Person (Resolution of the Board of Directors)
  • Documents
  • account holder:
    • notarized copy of passport or other identification document;
    • Notarized bank statement (bank reference) and a certificate of payment of utility bills or phone bills (for proof of residential address); bank statement or certificate must be dated no later than 2 months at the time of submission of the application to the bank.
    • contracts, invoices to confirm the experience account manager (dated 3-6 months at time of application);
    • For existing
    • companies need more than a year Certificate of Good Standing
  • contact details of the account authorized phone number, email address.


  • notarized copy of passport or other identification document;
  • Notarized bank statement (bank reference) and a certificate of public utilities (for confirmation of address); bank statement or certificate must be dated no later than two months at the time of submission of the application to the bank.



situation and business.

China (China) - has a two-tier banking system.
The first stage provides for the People's Bank of China, which performs the functions of the Central Bank (Central Bank - the main regulatory body of the credit system of the country or group of countries.). The second stage provides for the "Big Four Banks" ("China Construction Bank", "Agricultural Bank of China", "Industrial and Commercial Bank of China" and "Bank of China") - is a specialized state-owned banks. Also, the second level contains the commercial banks. Interestingly, in China to register the private banks can last nine years and the conditions for those wishing to create their own bank, provide significant limitations.

Despite the prevailing opinion on the inviolability of the economic system China , the financial sector of the state is endowed with a strong enough flaw. Since the lion's share of the banking system is the public sector, most of the finance is under the control of politicians who are not necessarily professional financiers. Thus, investments and savings funds are used to finance China's social reforms, and not for the establishment of the state's economy. Is also a problem, almost complete, submission banking system power is reflected in the fact that the banks have not rarely provide state-owned enterprise finance that these companies are not able to return or, at best, be able to return more not soon. In other words, banks are required to lend certainly not profitable customers.


What, then, keeps the banking system?

Its stability is due to the following factors:

  • considerable amount of foreign exchange reserves.
  • low level of state debt to third countries.
  • ban on withdrawal of capital outside the state.

If the last item in the light of parallel conduct, the RF itself begs for comparison. In the states mentioned above, operating system, of currency controls which prohibits making payments in foreign currency, but at the same time does not prohibit both individuals and legal entities have foreign currency accounts, ergo as currency forward and receive payment in the currency of the foreign partners is also not prohibited.

What is true for each currency transfer operations on both sides of the company will have to provide adequate justification (providing for such action contract with a foreign firm or invoice).



China on currency transactions

Difference capital and ordinary transactions is that, in accordance with the law China you for such transactions must permit until the implementation thereof. Do not be without the following parallels with the CIS countries because even if all the formalities have been provided for you to perform all the same without the time, nerves and additional costs will not do. Transfer, receive the currency, includes a responsibility to the company and the conclusion of the transaction. Companies will need to provide import and export customs declaration order to confirm this, the use of foreign currency in accordance with the previously filled statement. And on top of Confirmation Term currency transactions in China for three months, the countdown begins from the date of completion of import-export operations.


cancel many important for foreign investors, banks China there is a lack of strict regulation, serious shortcomings legislative framework that leads to that, China's banks are forced to develop their own solutions to their instructions for basic tasks. First, prevent the export of capital, the second to ensure the import of foreign currency into the country. Also, banks may impose restrictions on the amount (volume) of currency transactions abroad in a week or a day and occasionally may need to register with the tax, etc.

Incorporation enterprises in China as foreign investment ( WFOE ) provides opening at least three accounts :

  • Chief - This account provides for the storage of the authorized capital of the company
  • account in national currency - to carry out transactions in RMB.
  • Currency Account - for currency transactions.

procedure of opening and the transaction Translation authorized capital includes the prior receipt by the appropriate license (to conduct import and export business). Accounts for a listed company are not necessarily open in the same bank. This is due to the fact that for the life of the company will need only Exchange account and in yuan.

In China valid special accounting system in banks, such a system different from the usual Russian or European. For example, if the payment order any inaccuracy and / or does not match the information previously provided can lead to that money does not go to the account and get stuck in the bank. Because it should be left to professionals (for example, an accountant with relevant experience).

To open a bank account in China the beneficiary must attend or send an authorized person in the bank, the operation itself takes account opening, up to twenty working days and may last up to a month. The time of opening the account may depend on the conditions of the bank, which has been chosen by you to open an account.

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