The cost of opening an account: From 1990 USD

General information

Name:United Arab Bank


Official site:
Faunded:1 975
History:UAB was founded in Sharja as a partner company between various investors of Emirates and French «Société Générale». The bank opened 25 branches across the country. UAB is in official alliance with Commercial Bank of Qatar and National Bank of Oman. Thus the foundation for active growth of all three banks in the region was created.
Shareholders:Commercial Bank of Qatar Sheikh Faisal Sultan Salem Al Qassimi Jumaa Al Majed Abdullah Muhairi Al Majed Investment Company (WLL)


Terms of opening for admission (days):21
Opening terms for cancellation (days):21
Description of activity:Detailed
Account type:Corporate and personal.
Departure to the bank:Required
Required documents:Passport; resident visa with entry stamp; Emirated ID if applicable; CVs of shareholders; 3 months bank statement; info about beneficiaries; corporate documents; description of area of client's business activity; bank recommendation letter from previous bank
Account opening, probability:Calculated
Particularities during account opening:The bank is interested in clients who have from 1mil EUR/USD in account turnover a year and large leftovers on company's accounts. The bank doesn't open accounts for companies directly/indirectly linked to military technology.


Rating on loans:BA3


Balance, minimum:120 087 €

Services and costs

Cost of translation:Transfers via internet-banking inside UAE - free; Transfers in foreign currency through SWIFT via internet-banking - 30AED
Cost of enrollment:Incoming transfers -free; accepted foreign currency transfers in that currency - 10USD; transfers in foreign currency converted to AED - 10AED+conversion commission
Access to the account:Via phone and internet-banking
Bank services:Personal and corporate accounts for citizens and resident visa holders; accounts for offshore companies; debit and credit Visa cards with applicable discounts for owners; deposits; overdraft; credits; investments; international and internal transfers
Bank cards:Visa
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Select Bank's name sort descending Price of account opening Terms of account opening (days) Established World Ranking
Arab Bank for Investment and Foreign Trade (Al Masraf) 1990 USD 21 1976
Emirates Islamic Bank 790 USD 10 2004
Emirates Islamic Bank 790 USD 10 2004
Emirates NBD PJSC 1500 USD 10 2007 239
First Abu Dhabi Bank 1990 USD 21 2016
Mashreq Bank 1990 USD 21 1967
National Bank of Fujairah 1990 USD 21 1982
National Bank of Ras Al Khaimah (RAKBANK) 1990 USD 21 1976
NOOR Bank 1990 USD 21 2008
United Arab Bank 1990 USD 21 1975