Company registration in MASDAR CITY FREE ZONE

The resident of any state can register company in MASDAR CITY FREE ZONE, and you will need qualified legal aid to maintain the procedure.

The specialists of Law & Trust International offer full set of services for establishment and licensing of branches, subsidiaries, and new companies in the territory of the concerned free zone of the United Arab Emirates.

Advantages of the FEZ

  • The region is located near the international airport, which facilitates business trips, dispatch of cargoes and various other procedures;
  • It is possible to obtain both trade license and service license. It is not forbidden to apply for both types of certification;
  • The administrative authority of the FEZ permits the establishment of companies in MASDAR CITY FREE ZONE in the following organizational and legal forms of ownership: LLC, branch or subsidiary undertaking;
  • All the companies of the FEZ are engaged in the sphere of development and use of environmental energy sources in industry. Large staff of scientists implies collection of ideas which will help you to develop quickly;
  • Every year there are excursions for businessmen and government representatives in the territory of the FEZ, which gives many companies the chance to receive government order or attract major business partner.

In order to register company in MASDAR CITY FREE ZONE, it is sufficient to have good standing and have free financial reserves in the amount of $ 13,700. It is minimum amount of the authorized capital, relevant for enterprises engaged in various spheres.

The term of preparing, submitting and considering application depends on the scale of the applicant's corporation and other criteria. The average period ranges from 2 to 4 weeks. All the details are provided by the consultant by phone of the office.