Company registration in DUBAI HEALTH CARE CITY (DHCC)

The Free Economic Zone of DHCC exists since the beginning of 2002. The initial goal of the formation of town was to provide medical services to the local population and residents of the surrounding regions, because, due to the rapid increase in the number of residents, there was critical lack of doctors. Nowadays, a lot of medical companies in Europe and the CIS tend to register the company in DHCC.

The specialists of Law & Trust International provide assistance in preparing the documentation. The lawyers begin processing the application immediately after its receipt and do not terminate cooperation with the client until the time of entrance of its enterprise to the economic market.

How to register company in DUBAI HEALTH CARE CITY: Peculiarities of registration process

  • There are such possible organizational and legal forms of incorporation as: new company, subsidiary undertaking, and branch of the existing corporation;
  • Terms of company registration are at least 20, but not more than 35 working days. Particular duration depends on the extent of the documentation package and other factors;
  • With positive decision of the commission regarding consideration of the applications, service license is issued to the founder. In order to provide medical services, additional certification will be required, and the procedure can also be passed through with our help;
  • The applicant should confirm his financial status. Minimum amount of the authorized capital is 13,700 US dollars. If the client plans to establish private health care facility, the license cost equals to $ 82,192.

The experts of our company are waiting for your applications. We will provide comprehensive legal support, free consultations concerning registration issues. Cooperation is conducted on the basis of agreement, which allows to avoid questionable matters.