The companies in DUBAI INTERNATIONAL FINANCIAL CENTER are entitled to obtain only service license, but it is possible to establish various forms of incorporation. The most popular is LLC, and we also provide assistance in establishing branches and subsidiaries.

The specialists of Law & Trust International have sound experience in cooperation with the authorized bodies in many free economic zones of the United Arab Emirates, which simplifies the procedure for establishing business.

Peculiarities of DIFC include the following:

  • The legal system of the region is based on the standards of English common law, but not on the regulations of the UAE system;
  • There is own court in the territory of the FEZ, which facilitates the resolution of disputes between partners and contracting parties;
  • The main currency is the US dollar, so there is no need to convert funds. It allows to avoid financial losses when making transactions;
  • Among all types of the activities of foreign enterprises, it is possible to make emphasis on financial sector. In order to operate in this sphere, it is necessary to undergo additional licensing.

In order to register company in DUBAI INTERNATIONAL FINANCIAL CENTER, it is necessary to contribute 50 thousand dollars to the account of one of the local banks.

The transaction indicates competency of the company and the availability of free funds for business development and covering possible risks. The term of registration is up to 42 days, but in most cases the registration is carried out within one month.