Company registration in DUBAI SILICON OASIS

DUBAI SILICON OASIS is geographically designated part of the UAE where it is permitted at the legislative level to establish companies by foreigners without involving the residents of the country in the management.

The FEZ was established in 2005, and it differs from the others by coverage of large territory, developed infrastructure and modern information processing center.

When registering company in DSO, it is necessary to take into account the peculiarities of this zone, namely:

  • Only three types of licenses can be issued in the territory of the free economic district, namely: manufacturing , service and trade licenses. The abovementioned is sufficient to establish hundreds of varieties of business;
  • It is offered to establish new enterprise or form branch of the already existing corporation. Details of the organizational and legal forms of incorporation can be specified by our specialist;
  • Minimum amount of the authorized capital equals to 100 thousand of local currency or 27397 US dollars;
  • For the establishment of business, it is possible to rent premises or warehouse, as well as buy out territories for private for building construction;
  • There is business incubator within the zone, the participants of which receive support when developing the company, and, as a consequence, they spend much less resources for foundation and promotion than during unassisted establishment. In return, the incubator receives shares for equity position in the firm;

The term of registration of the company in DUBAI SILICON OASIS is not more than 20 working days. It is necessary to apply for the lawyers of Law & Trust International concerning all the relevant issues.