How to open bank account in Antigua and Barbuda for non-residents

Antigua and Barbuda is not only tourist attraction, but the country is also characterized by the rapid growth of the financial services industry. Such banks as Trium Bank and Trust, PKB Privatbank Limited, Global Bank of Commerce and Eastern Caribbean Amalgamated Bank are partners of the company Law&Trust International, which specializes in rendering legal services in the field of company registration and opening accounts in foreign banks.

The advantage of the local banking system is the constant monitoring by the Financial Services Regulatory Commission, as well as the Eastern Caribbean Central Bank.

Among the supportive positive points there are the following:

  • Reliable system of corporate account management;
  • lPromoting transparency of banking policy;
  • lImplementation of the programme to protect depositors from any state.

Among the services provided by our partners, it is possible to list the following: opening of multi-currency accounts, execution of urgent cumulative deposits, issue of bank cards, as well as the convenient management of own finances bu means of Internet banking.

Documents required for opening a bank account in Antigua and Barbuda

Each of the financial institutions has its own procedures, conditions and lists of required documents. Companies tending to become part of the banking system of Antigua and Barbuda should have the following:

  • Duly notarized copies of passports of all beneficial owners;
  • Copies of invoices for payment of utilities from the participants of the company to confirm the place of residence;
  • Original letter of recommendation from the bank and samples of signatures;
  • Application for opening the account of particular type.

Cost of opening bank account in Antigua and Barbuda

The price for the service provided will depend on the set of tasks that our lawyers need to perform in order to obtain your account details. The first stages are selecting the bank and collecting the documents that meet the requirements of the bank. If you are already in a possession of hard copies with full legal force, then our task will be reduced to sending and supporting the process.

However, in most cases, the collection of documents takes up to 10-14 days, and you will not need to do paperwork with our help and can wait until the account is opened without interrupting your affairs.

The lawyers of Law&Trust International can assist in opening a bank account in Antigua and Barbuda.


Antigua and Barbuda: list of banks
Name of the bank Account opening cost Founded
Eastern Caribbean Amalgamated Bank 590 USD
Global Bank of Commerce 590 USD 1982