The cost of opening an account: From 790 USD
The cost of opening an account:
From 790 USD

General information

Emirates Islamic Bank

United Arab Emirates

Official site
2 004
Arabic, English, Russian


Terms of opening for admission (days):
Opening terms for cancellation (days):
Не требуется
Description of activity:
Account type:
Personal, Savings, Corporate accounts
Departure to the bank:
It is required. Personal meeting with a banker in UAE is needed
Required documents:
For opening personal account, if the client is resident: 1.Copy of the passport; 2. Copy of the visa; 3. Copy of the Emirates ID; 4. Documents confirming income. To open personal (savings) account, if the client is non-resident: 1. Copy of the passport with a stamp of entry into the territory of the United Arab Emirates; 2. Legalized extract from the current account of natural persons for past 3 months; 3. Documents confirming income. List of documents for legal entity is standard
Account opening, probability:
Calculated and perceived
Particularities during account opening:
It opens accounts for residents and non-residents, including for offshore companies


Rating on loans:


Balance, minimum:
28000 €
Limit of transfers (per month):
No restrictions
Transaction speed:
Transactions are made on the same day

Services and costs

Cost of account maintenance:
Fees for opening and maintaining the account are not charged
Access to the account:
Internet banking (in English)
Bank services:
Sms banking (client will receive SMS message for each of transactions), online banking (free monitoring of all operations plus the ability to connect smart business system, which will provide minimum cost for money transfer), free check book (for residents), cards, etc.
Bank cards:
Visa, MasterCard
Cost of extracts storing:
50 AED