Opening account in bank of Vanuatu

Accounts in foreign banks are most often opened by companies, however, given the stability of the local financial system, this trend is also applied to natural persons. Law&Trust International offers professional support and maintenance to all clients during the procedure of registration of companies, as well as when opening accounts in banks of many countries.

Financial institutions of Vanuatu use the euro as the prevailing currency, which allows to refer to the stability of the exchange rate, and hence the contribution.

Documents for opening bank account in Vanuatu

Collection of the package of documents is the longest stage of preparation for opening the account. There is no single list of documents, so in view of the foregoing fact, each bank imposes its own requirements on clients.

Approximate list is as follows:

  1. Application for opening bank account in Vanuatu with personal signature.

  2. Scanned copy of the passport or other identity document. The document should specify Tax Identification Number, and the copy itself should be notarized.

  3. With the intermediation of the authorized representatives, their identity documents are also required.

  4. Form with confirmation of the address of residence, and it can be bill regarding payment of utility services for the last three months.

The above list can be significantly extended for legal entities.

Where is it possible to open bank account for non-residents in Vanuatu?

A lot of persons face the problem of selecting the bank, but our lawyers can prompt which bank to choose in Vanuatu, and also undertake full responsibility for collecting and preparing documents. Professional assistance in this process is a must. Any mistake in opening bank account in Vanuatu for non-resident can lead to a loss of funds.

Each bank differs by its terms of providing services, and there are also different interest rates and minimum deposit amounts.

Pacific Private Bank is one of our partners. This bank offers account opening in Vanuatu within 10 working days. The account can be either personal or corporate, but in any case, the registration requires detailed description of the client's activities. There are no restrictions on transactions, and account management via online banking is available.

You can clarify more details about the above, as well as the second partner (Vantu Bank) during consultation with our lawyers.

The lawyers of Law&Trust International can help to open bank account in Vanuatu.

Vanuatu: list of banks
Name of the bank Account opening cost Founded
Vantu Bank 780 USD 2013