Obtain dealer license in Vanuatu

Dealer License In Vanuatu: Peculiarities Of Obtaining

This type of license is necessary for certifying full powers of corporation or small company to carry out dealer activities. In Vanuatu, the document is issued by the State Service for the Control of Local Financial Markets.

In order to obtain the document, it is necessary to have the status of legal entity in any country of the world, and also apply to the representatives of Law & Trust International.

The dealer license in Vanuatu is issued within 2-3 months, and its term of validity is 3 years. After the expiration of the term, it is necessary to submit request for prolongation of the certificate. It can also be done using help of the employees of Law & Trust International.

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Dealer License In Vanuatu: Obtaining

The country's legislation provides for division of the certificates for this type of activity into two types: the first one is to manage the assets of contributors and traders, and the second type is to conduct transactions with government securities.

In the first case, the dealer acts as financial adviser, however he is entitled to trade. In the second case, the applicant who obtained the license should keep the stock market operational.

Here, the whole series of obligations and restrictions is applied, and more details concerning the above mentioned can be clarified by the expert of our company. The specialist will thoughtfully examine the type of activity of your company and advise the type of dealer license necessary to work in Vanuatu.

In order to obtain dealer license in Vanuatu, the period of 30 days is sufficient, but the legal validity of the document does not expire. The process of registration implies the submission of the 31 documents including the application form. The list of official documents can vary depending on the applicant's residence and other criteria.

It is compulsory to provide the following documents:

1. Copies of the applicant's notarized domestic and international passports.
2. Confirmation of the addresses of registration and residence.
3. Extracts from bank accounts, as well as recommendations of bank officials according to the declared sample.
4. The founder's curriculum vitae and certificate on absence of previous convictions.
5. The package of constituent documents (depends on the effective term of the company and its organizational and legal form of incorporation).

The Charter of the company, theses of the minutes of the meeting of founders, the list of the management of the corporation are mandatory.
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