Forex In Vanuatu: Business Licensing

Services for licensing of traders and Forex dealerships in Vanuatu are provided by the Commission for Financial Services of the country (VFSC). in order to become certificate holder, it is necessary to submit application to foreign jurisdiction, collect sizable package of documentation, open account and establish office in the territory of the state.

It takes a lot of time and can turn into failure because of the lack of knowledge about the legislative regulations of Vanuatu.

The company Law & Trust International offers obtaining Forex license in Vanuatu without leaving your country. The application is made on our website, and citizen of any country can apply for the certificate. In the case of the application by natural person, we provide full set of services for the establishment of new company in Vanuatu.

Forex in Vanuatu: the advantages of license

  1. The certificate for brokerage and trader activity gives the opportunity to carry out the whole spectrum of operations with assets in the financial market. The number of financial instruments includes options, bonds, shares, and miscellaneous.
  2. Vanuatu is characterized by stable business environment. Even if your institution is registered in banking or insurance spheres, Forex license can be useful in the future when extending the corporation.
  3. Obtaining Forex license in Vanuatu is available for non-resident corporations. The document helps to legally circumvent the restrictions in trade prescribed in the rules and regulations of the legislation of own country. However, there are special standards setting rules and region of validity of the certificate. Details regarding the latter can be specified by our experts.
  4. The amount of minimum level of the authorized capital can range from 2000 US dollars, meaning the amount that each businessman has on hand. At the same time, this contribution is not congealed on the account, and can be used as initial funds for the development of the corporation.
  5. The term of issuing Forex certificate in Vanuatu does not exceed 3 months. This period includes collection, submission, and consideration of documentation. If the client needs to establish company and additional services, the period may be increased.

How is it possible to obtain Forex license in Vanuatu?

Lawyers of Law & Trust International offer free consultation for clients regarding the issues of obtaining certificates for brokerage activities in Vanuatu. You can apply for consultation by phone, in chat, by mail or by personal visit of the office.

After conversation with the expert, you need to fill in the application form for obtaining license, pay the state fees, and also provide the power of attorney to one of our specialists and your personal documents.

Collection of the remaining documentation package, its preparation and verification for the consistency of the data, as well as adaptation to the translation and submission itself are the duties of our lawyers. Detailed algorithm of the procedure, cost of licensing and terms of obtaining documents can be clarified even today.