The cost of opening an account: From 900 EUR
The cost of opening an account:
From 900 EUR

General information

Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken AB (SEB)


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It was formed in January 1972 by the merger of Skandinaviska Banken (founded in 1864) and Stockholms Enskilda Bank (founded in 1856). In 2000, in order to strengthen its presence in Northern Europe, SEB acquired the German bank BfG (currently - SEB AG) and three Baltic Banks in 1999-2000: Eesti Ühispank (Estonia), Latvijas Unibanka (Latvia) and Vilniaus Bankas (Lithuania). In 2004, SEB acquired Codan Pension (now SEB Pension) in Denmark and Bank Agio in Ukraine. In 2007, it acquired Factorial Bank in Ukraine and KAM Group Limited (London). In 2011, German and Ukrainian commercial activities were sold. In 2011, it united with Gyllenberg Private Bank Ltd. In 2012, it merged with Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken AS and SEB Privatbanken ASA
The Bank has more than 16,000 employees, fluent in English, Swedish and others languages
Agreement on avoidance of double taxation was concluded; AML legislation is strictly observed; Active membership in the OECD, FATF, Basel Commitee, Egmont Group and others.


Terms of opening for admission (days):
Opening terms for cancellation (days):
Не требуется
Description of activity:
Account type:
Settlement and Savings
Types of accounts:
Savings; Settlement
Departure to the bank:
Required documents:
Copy of international passport
Account opening, probability:
Calculated and perceived
Particularities during account opening:
No special


Rating in the world:
Country Rating:
Rating on loans:


Balance, minimum:
6000 €
Limit of transfers (per month):
No Information
An initial fee :
0 €
Transaction speed:
Value date is on the third day (regular transfer), and on the next day (urgent transfer).

Services and costs

Cost of translation:
Average fee on incoming payments - $ 7.3, outgoing - from $ 36 to $ 60 (in case of payment with value date on the next day), regular payment - $ 8.5 (value date is on the third day), account maintenance - $ 243 per year. Statements by mail are free, extract by fax - $ 6.
Cost of enrollment:
No information
Cost of account maintenance:
243 $ per year
Credit card restrictions:
No information
Insurance for credit cards:
No information
Access to the account:
1) Fax with coding (encoder is used); 2) the system SEBRA Bank-Client; 3) SEB-VISION - system of monitoring account via a modem; 4) SEB-TEL - information system that informs about balances on the accounts and sends statements by fax
Bank services:
Internet banking; deposits; loans; Forex transactions; Investment advice; Trade finance
Bank cards:
VISA, MasterCard
Cost of extracts storing:
No information