How to open a business in the Sweden?

Business in SwedenIn recent years, Scandinavian countries have become a place of pilgrimage for a huge number of tourists, as well as businessmen who intend to open their business abroad. Sweden, which is notable for a well-thought-out investment policy and a developed banking system, did not avoid such part. According to the DOING JONES 2017 rating, this country is among the ten most favourable ones for doing business.

Business in Sweden

In the country with population of just over 10 million people, there are more than  hundred companies with a generally recognized high international level. Among them are IKEA, TETRAPAK, ERICSSON, ORIFLAME and many others. The reason for this Scandinavian phenomenon is simple: the state pays close attention to the clarity of technological processes introduced at enterprises and their innovative component, which generally allows to form a high standard of living for the local population.

According to international experts, business in Sweden is attractive due to the following points:

  1. Developed economy,
  2. Low tax rates,
  3. Government support for small and medium businesses
  4. Lack of bureaucracy and corruption,
  5. The strongest legal framework,
  6. Reasoned investment policy,
  7. High standard of living of the population,
  8. Powerful scientific and research potential,
  9. Developed infrastructure,
  10. Possibility to obtain residence permit.

Foreign investors can establish or buy  business in Sweden. Depending on the type of activity and set goals, the following optimal forms of companies are distinguished:

  1. Individual entrepreneur.
    The most common form. The founder is an individual who is liable for the obligations of the company with all its assets.
  2. Limited liability company.
    It is established by one or several founders, whose liability for the company's obligations is limited by the size of their contributions to the company's capital.
  3. Trading partnership.
    It is established by two or more founders, who are personally liable for the obligations of the company.
  4. Limited partnership.
    In many ways it is similar in form to a trading partnership, but it requires the participation of at least one general partner and one limited liability company.
  5. Representative office of  a foreign company.
    Not more than one subsidiary of a foreign company can be established.

Registration of Business in Sweden

Any business requires appropriate registration. Thus, registration of business in Sweden is accompanied by the following obligatory steps:

  1. Verification of the uniqueness of the company name. It should not resemble to any of the existing ones.
  2. Application to the national company registration office,
  3. Depositing funds in local bank accounts,
  4. Registration in the tax authority,
  5. Registration in the social security authorities in case of existence of employees,
  6. Registration of the license if there is a necessity to conduct certain type of activities.

Registering business in Sweden does not take much time, but it requires  responsible approach. The slightest mistake or inaccuracy in the constituent documents can lead to the refusal to register your company. In this kind of questions you should contact specialized experts, who will do everything for you.

We recommend you to contact our qualified staff, who will provide detailed advice, as well as minimize your costs. We open companies around the world.

Please, select organizational and legal form of the company You are interested in:

Sweden Private Aktiebolag

Sweden Publikt Aktiebolag

For reference:

Privat Aktiebolag - Limited Liability Company

Publikt Aktiebolag - Public Joint Stock Company