On June 7, 2018, The Swedish parliament voted in favour of the bill, and hence the new Swedish Gambling Act and Swedish Gambling Tax Act entered into force on January 1, 2019, in line with what was previously proposed in the bill. Applications for the license can be submitted after August 1, 2018.

The purpose of the new Gambling Act is to regulate the gambling market and strengthen the protection of the players. The national gambling monopoly will cease, and instead, the gambling market will be divided into three sectors; a competitive sector mainly including online gaming and betting, a sector reserved for public purposes, and a sector reserved for the Swedish State.

The new rules consist of a framework and a licensing system. Furthermore, a new excise duty of 18% will be introduced.

Anyone providing gambling services in the Swedish market is required to do so under a license, and non-licensed operators targeting the Swedish market will be prosecuted. The rules shall apply on all games provided in Sweden, including games provided online targeting the Swedish market. The rules do not apply to parlour games, games for amusement, computer games. Furthermore, games dependent on the player’s skills fall outside the scope of the acts.

Type of licenses

There are six different types of licenses that gambling providers can apply for, some associated with special conditions:

  1. Commercial online games;
  2. Betting;
  3. Land-based commercial games;
  4. Games on ships in international traffic;
  5. Games reserved for the State;
  6. Games reserved for public purposes.

According to the gambling regulations, the license application is to be submitted in writing and in Swedish. When granting licenses for online games, access to technical personnel that can ensure a safe gaming environment for the customers is an important factor.

The license is granted for a fixed period of no more than 5 years and the gaming authority shall in its decision state which games the license covers. When the license has expired, the Licensee has the possibility to obtain a new license, provided that the requirements are still fulfilled.

license for gambling in sweden

The Licensee can be both a legal person as well as a natural person. Licensees established outside of the EEA (European Economic Area) are however required to appoint a representative with the authority to act on behalf of the Licensee in all matters related to the licensed business. The representative must be a resident of Sweden.

The Licensee must obtain a certificate from an accredited test institute stating that the technical equipment which the applicant intends to use complies with the prescribed requirements. The cost of testing varies and depends on how extensive the applicant’s game system is, what types of games that’s applied for and which test institute performs the testing. The estimated cost is approximately from 5,000 to 35,000 EUR. In addition, fees for licensing and supervision as well as excise duty shall be paid.

Types of licenses and their cost

It is important to note that each type of license regulates an individual and specific activity. This allows Swedish regulators to control the gambling industry, as well as apply clear requirements for each business class of gambling regarding business conditions, tax penalties, payment of license fees and so on.

Commercial online games and betting

For example, a license for commercial online games and a license for betting will be worth 400 thousand Swedish kronor, the total license for both types is 700 thousand. Updating and changing the license for all three types of licenses will cost the owners 300 and 150 thousand Swedish kronor, respectively.

Lottery and Bingo Licenses

A separate type of licensing is a public lottery and a lottery in public places. According to the rules of the regulator, a third class license is issued if the total amount of ticket sales is up to 5 million. The cost of such is 60 thousand kronor. If the number of tickets sold is from 5 to 15 million, the owner receives a second class license, and the license payment is 75 thousand. The first-class license is the sale of tickets for an amount in excess of 15 million profit, and the cost of the permit doubles to 150 thousand kronor. Also, if the owner wants to increase the license class to a more advanced one, the replacement of one permit with another will cost 40 thousand kronor.

At the same time, a license for bingo in Sweden, which is quite a popular form of gambling, will be worth 30 thousand Swedish kronor. Restoring, renewing or changing the license will cost the owner of this business a modest five thousand SEK.

Horse Racing, Slot machines and Сasinos

Horse racing is one of the most exciting games in Europe. Despite its low popularity in Europe, this type of gambling gets a special place in Sweden. For its activities, the owner should pay 3500 SEK. According to the rules of registration, the licenses do not change, and the payment for the renewal of the license is equal to the same 3,500 in Swedish currency.

Gaming machines and gaming machines are also a very inexpensive, but very well-developing type of gambling business in Sweden. The cost of installing such devices will be equal to 3,600 kronor, and the cost of a license is even less at 2,800. Thanks to such low prices, owners of gambling halls with automatic machines get a good profit.

At the same time, such an activity as a casino is worth noting as a highly liquid business. Regulators offer several license options for each individual case of gambling activity. For example, the license cost for those casinos that are commercial will be equal to no more than 3,600 SEK.

But regular casino gambling halls already fall under a separate type of licensing. The cost of a license for casinos and gambling establishments of this type will already be equal to 70 thousand crowns. Modifying or updating permission for such activity will cost the owner 15 thousand SEK.

Also, Swedish regulators allocate such activity as card games in the form of tournaments into a separate type of licensing. There are three types of permits that provide the right to run a gambling business. The first type of license covers holding up to ten card tournaments, and its cost is 4,000 kronor. If the owner of the institution holds more than ten tournaments, the license price will increase to 15 thousand Swedish kronor. And on condition of a one-time tournament with a number of participants of at least 48 people, the total price of a license for holding such an event will be equal to 25 thousand kronor.


License for commercial online games in Sweden

Our fee is from 50 000 euro.

Price includes:

  • application process;
  • filling out necessary forms;
  • communication with authority.

Price does not include license fee and the fee for technical equipment.

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