Opening Bank Account in the Bahamas

Bank of Bahamas Limited ranks first in the islands in terms of asset growth. It was bought out in 1988, and it was able to increase own welfare in 20 times for a quarter of century of functioning.

Our clients, including individuals and companies from Russia, Ukraine, the Republic of Kazakhstan and Belarus, often prefer this financial institution.

The Bank provides services in English, and our personnel involves lawyers and translators who are able to clarify any document. Specialists of our company undertake to resolve all the nuances associated with starting Bahamas' bank account.

Opening the Bahamas' bank account has certain advantages that will positively affect the business of our clients:

1. High level of secrecy guarantees the safety of your personal data;
2. Short period of opening accounts allows to conduct financial transactions within 2-3 weeks after contacting us with the application;
3. Any non-resident has the right to open private or corporate settlement and savings bank account in the Bahamas, while no special recommendations are required;
4. The cost of maintenance depends only on the amount of funds you contribute to the bank. There are no restrictions on transactions, and minimum balance on the account is 1000 euros.

What documents are needed to open bank account in the Bahamas?

Copy of the international passport with notary certification is obligatory for all clients. If you do not have this document, our specialists will provide legal assistance in its preparation, as well as give legal effect to the copy. You can specify more detailed list of forms by phone or during conversation with our lawyer.

Bank of Bahamas Limited requires the obligatory presence of the client when opening the account, so our task is to completely prepare the client for the correct filling out of the forms, and also to collect in advance all the documents that may be required in addition to the main package.

In special cases, it is possible to accompany the client by our specialist from legal or translation department.

The lawyers of Law&Trust International can help to open bahamian bank account online.

Bahamas: list of banks
Name of the bank Account opening cost Founded
Bank of the Bahamas Limited 450 USD 1988