Account opening in a bank of Mauritius

Mauritius is one of the largest investors in Asian and African stock markets. The economy of the country is on the average stable level, and the main difference in comparison to the other similar states is the low level of corruption. Offshore area with developed financial system allows to easily open an account in a stable bank.

One of such banks is ABC Banking Corporation. The Bank offers cost-efficient terms and conditions both for opening personal and corporate settlement accounts. Lawyers of Law&Trust are ready to undertake their control over the procedure of opening bank account in Mauritius, which will allow to quickly and legally obtain bank details of new foreign account.

Which bank in Mauritius is better to open account in?

ABC Banking Corporation opens both personal and corporate accounts. ABC Banking Corporation has many advantages in comparison to its competitors. Among them there are the following:

  • Considerably low tariffs for maintenance of accounts of all types;

  • The term for opening settlement account for crediting of the funds is equal to 1 working day, and it will take about 5 days for opening similar account in Mauritius, but for debiting of the funds;

  • Transactions are conducted within 2-3 working days;

  • Account maintenance costs 200 euros per year, which is optimal given the level of protection;

  • Access to management of financial resources is carried out by means of fax, telephone and Internet banking.

Documents for opening bank account in Mauritius for non-residents

Each client provides individual package of documents. It is sufficient for most clients to have a scanned copy of the passport indicating the place of residence and the TIN. In order to open corporate account, the package of constituent documents will be required.

Mauritius: list of banks
Name of the bank Account opening cost Founded
ABC Banking Corporation 450 USD 1997
Bank One Limited 990 USD 1997