Opening a bank account in India

Internal economic situation of India is improving every year due to increase of exports of goods and population growth. Banks of this state attract funds of foreign investors, which makes it quite easy to open own account in banks of India.

Law&Trust Company has extensive experience of cooperation with such Indian bank as the State Bank of India (SBI), which significantly accelerates the procedure for opening accounts and assumes conducting operation remotely. Our lawyers will help with collection and preparation of documents in order to open bank account in India.

How to open bank account in India for non-resident?

Most clients face a language barrier, which makes it impossible to correctly fill in the forms. Attempting to open bank account in India remotely can cause transferring your data to the fraudsters, and personal visit to the country takes too much time. In order to avoid problems and troubles, you should contact our company.

The personnel consisting of professional legal specialists offers full support of the dealing. Provision of copies of the documents is only required from the client, and the remaining stages of the process are carried out by our company.

After transferring the package, we perform the following tasks:

  • We translate the necessary pages of documents into English;

  • We certify your scanned copies so that they have full legal force;

  • We execute bank documents;

  • We negotiate with tax service, state and other authorities for prompt receiving all the necessary statements;

  • We transfer the complete package of documents to our colleagues in the State Bank of India.

What documents are needed to open bank account in India?

As for the package of documents, it is standard for both Indian citizens and foreigners. The following documents will be definitely necessary: passport, TIN and company documents. All other documents are requested in individual cases. The peculiarity of the State Bank of India is the requirement to submit recommendations.

Statement from the local bank can be in capacity of recommendation. In all circumstances, you should not worry about the missing documents in case you get the support of our legal experts. The latter will be personally engaged in searching for certificates and compilation of statements, and you can not be distracted while continuing to do business and other matters during the foregoing process.

India: list of banks
Name of the bank Account opening cost Founded
State Bank of India (SBI) 590 USD 1955