The cost of opening an account: From 900 EUR

General information

Name:Saxo Bank A/S


Faunded:1 992
History:Saxo Bank was founded in 1992 by Danish entrepreneurs - Lars Christensen and Kim Fournais. Originally the Company was named as Midas Fondsmaeglerselskab A / S, which was changed to Saxo Bank in connection with the receipt of the European banking license in 2001.
Employees:The bank employs about 1,400 professionals. Customer service in Russia, Ukraine and the Baltic countries is maintained by the team of 30 specialists from the bank's head office in Copenhagen
Shareholders:Fournais Holding AS Denmark - 29,99%; Lars Seier Christensen Holding ASDenmark - 29,99%; GA Global Investment LimitedDenmark - 21,99%; Espirito Santo Financial Group SA (Luxembourg) - 9,92%; minority shareholders - 8.11%
Security:Agreement on the avoidance of double taxation was concluded; AML legislation is strictly observed; Active membership in the OECD, FATF, Basel Commitee, Egmont Group and others.

Financial Services Presentation Saxo Bank


Terms of opening for admission (days):1
Opening terms for cancellation (days):1
Recommendations:Not required
Description of activity:Detailed
Account type:Personal, corporate
Types of accounts:Investment
Departure to the bank:Opening an account is carried out remotely; visit to the bank is not required
Required documents:Filled in bank forms; copy of the passport of the client; CV of the client; standard set of corporate documents
Account opening, probability:There is a possibility
Particularities during account opening:Opening an account is possible without entering the country of the bank; Opening an account is possible without meeting with a banker; Opening an account is possible without having to visit a professional introducer


Rating in the world:1 614
Country Rating:10
Rating on loans:N/R


Balance, minimum:0 €
Limit of transfers (per month):No information
An initial fee :10 000 €
Annual turnover (minimum):0 €
Transaction speed:Real-time

Services and costs

Cost of translation:Saxo Bank does not charge fees for operations of withdrawal of funds from the account
Cost of enrollment:Saxo Bank does not charge fees for operations of crediting funds to the account
Cost of account maintenance:Saxo Bank does not charge fee for maintaining the account
Credit card restrictions:No restrictions
Insurance for credit cards:No information
Access to the account:All modern (Internet) and traditional (telephone) means of account management are available. There is a trading platform SaxoTrader, which allows to trade all instruments offered by Saxo Bank
Bank services:Wide range of financial instruments: Forex - over 150 currency pairs (including the USD / RUB); Forex options; Shares - more than 9,200 types of securities; CFD - Contracts for Difference; Futures - 440 kinds of futures contracts (power industry, metals)
Bank cards:Visa, Mastercard
Cost of extracts storing:No information
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Select Bank's name sort descending Price of account opening Established
Nordea Bank Danmark A/S 590 EUR 1990
Saxo Bank A/S 900 EUR 1992