Opening of a Bank Accounts Worldwide for Non-Residents

There is no foreign Banks that will open an account in UAH - existent bank programs will give you possibility to open Multi currency account. Personal Bank Manager will help you to conduct foreign currency operations or make a deposit in any currencies.

Can a foreigner open a bank account in USA, UK, Canada or Europe?

Thanks to online-banking our clients can work from all corners of the world:

  • take control under account balance;
  • make a deposit;
  • obtain cash;
  • manage your finances;
  • settle the payments.

After signing of Bank forms will come registration, Bank will provide you with e-key and password.

Non-Resident Bank Account: Requirements

  • Corporate documents of the Company;
  • Fulfill and sign bank forms;
  • Provide us with information about beneficial owner;
  • Business documents to prove legality of your business.

Size of set of document depend on particular Bank policy.

Minimal Bank requirements.

  • Prove of address of the beneficial owner;
  • Description of business (information about products, auditory, partners, future income and etc.)

Bank Managers can require additional information about beneficial owner or his Company, for example:

  • CV of Beneficial owner;
  • Reference letter from partners;
  • Source of funds.

Our Lawyers know everything about legal norms and requirements of foreign Banks, all peculiarities about different legislation issues, rules that applicable to foreign Clients, that’s why they always can provide you with helpful advises.

Opening a Bank Account as a Foreigner

According to legal norms of Russian Federation it is possible to open Bank account online for RF Residents in any Bank which was considered as liable by Russian Central Bank.

Instruction provide:

  • Open account abroad;
  • Currency exchanges;
  • Rules of Informing of Authorities about opening a new account or closing the old one.

There are few limitations in order to prevent money laundering.

It is possible to open account abroad in any currency. Resident of Russian Federation may have few bank account abroad.

Ukrainian citizens may invest currency to foreign Banks only after obtaining of National Bank of Ukraine’s License. That license issued for 1-3 years and can be obtained by legal entities, natural persons or private entrepreneur.

Without the License you may only put some money on your account with purpose of Tourism. License is not necessary for Ukrainian representations, such as trade diplomatic and consular activities.

Documents Needed to Open a Bank Account as a Foreigner

To open operating account in foreign Bank as non-citizen you have to provide Bank with set of legalized Documents. Afterwords, Banks will make a decision.

Necessary documents:

  • Passport (national, foreign);
  • Source of income;
  • Contacts;
  • Reason of account opening;
  • The list of proposed business operations;
  • Proposed annual turnover.

Law&Trust International provide you with helpful support on each stage of procedure. Our high qualified specialists know everything about peculiarities in foreign legislation, they will help you to chose preferable jurisdiction and prepare all necessary documents.

Confidentiality of client’s information, technical support and reasonable prices Guaranteed.