Opening of business in Liechtenstein

Registration of business in LiechtensteinNowadays the small European Principality of Liechtenstein attracts attention of absolutely all businessmen. Thousands of companies operate on its small territory. The explanation for this fact is the flexible tax policy created in the last century.

Business in Liechtenstein

The specificity of the state is very unique. Signing of numerous bilateral agreements is not practised here. Intervention of regulatory bodies is limited only to control over the purchase of real estate and to the distribution of foreign investment in the financial sector, as well as compliance with the non-application of double taxation.

Opening of business in Liechtenstein is not an easy task However, foreign investors establish their own companies here with no issues.

The following types of companies are distinguished:

  1. Joint-stock company.
    • A standard form that meets international requirements. Limited authorized capital.
  2. Trust.
    • The founder determines a third party as the trustee of the asset transferred to the management, undertaking an obligation to transfer the acquired income to these third persons. Validity is unlimited.
  3. Foundation
    • Created as a charitable or family foundation. Minimum capital. Accountability is not provided. Anonymity of owners is guaranteed.
  4. Anstalt
    • Created by resident. Fixed income tax. In addition, tax on real estate, wealth tax, social insurance payments are applied. The holder is the full owner of the enterprise. Annual financial accountability certified by the auditor is filed.

Business in Liechtenstein is exempt from taxes if it meets the following criteria, If is the profit obtained from:

  1. Dividends,
  2. Dividends received from a resident company,
  3. Increase of capital,
  4. Liquidation surplus.

The tax on dividends received after January 1, 2011 is not applied either due to the adoption of a new law on national and municipal taxes that radically changed the country's tax system.

The annual fee is not charged.

Registration of business in Liechtenstein and its advantages

Important information: The opening procedure is performed according to the Law on Persons and Companies of 1926, as a result of which it is recognized in any country of the world. Information about shareholders is confidential. There is no currency control; this fact allows to carry out operations on any scale within a particular bank. The founder is required to have a local citizenship.

Personal presence is not required for opening, and the latter is performed in minimum time. Registration of business in Liechtenstein requires the following stages:

  1. Submission of necessary documents to the register,
  2. Confirmation of authorized funds in the banks of the Principality or Switzerland,
  3. Providing data on the director of the company, as well as shareholders.
  4. Identity documents of the responsible person  as a citizen of Liechtenstein.

Registration of business in Liechtenstein has advantages. Among them, the opportunity to enjoy:

  1. Partnership relations with Switzerland and Austria,
  2. Liberal and flexible legislation allowing non-residents to form holding companies,
  3. Reliance on the international authority of the country,
  4. The preservation of incognito-status when investing money,
  5. Reliability of local financial institutions.

More detailed information you can get from our qualified specialists. Given long-term experience of our company, you will be able to open a private enterprise in Liechtenstein quickly and without obstacles, as well as take advantage of all the opportunities derived from the mentioned fact.

Please, select organizational and legal form of the company You are interested in:

Liechtenstein-AG - Joint-Stock Company (Aktiengesellschaft or AG);

Liechtenstein-Anstalt - Undertaking (Anstalt).