Gambling license in Romania

The attitude towards a gambling business in Romania was formed over three decades. During this time, the state adopted and amended several significant bills, each of which introduced new procedures for regulating gambling activities. At the moment, there are two bodies in the country that control the casino.

    1. The Ministry of Finance monitors all incomes within physical and virtual gaming structures.
    2. The Commission on gambling business, established under the Ministry, deals directly with issuing certificates, and also serves to unite the interests of the state and entrepreneurs.

It is worth noting that the members of the commission on gambling have no right to establish their own casinos in any of the world's jurisdictions. The following types of gambling can be developed in the territory of Romania: wagers, bets, lotteries, slot machines, sweepstakes, internet-rooms, poker, roulette, bingo and blackjack.

For each subgroup, a separate licensing is required. Official casino activities are formalized through cooperation with Law&Trust specialists. The types of certificates that are issued with our assistance are listed below.

License for slot machines in Romania

According to the policy of the state, each slot inside the gambling establishment must have a separate certificate. In the technical documentation for the machine, it is necessary to indicate the periodicity of its inspection for breakdowns, and if the slot is installed in a virtual casino, it periodically undergoes the procedure for auditing and updating the certificate of the RNG. Obtaining a license for slot machines in Romania is not difficult; it has validity for 3 years; the renewal is automatic with the need to pay fee.

The slot owner must be at least 23 years old; he is not allowed to be in the service of the state. It is inadmissible to issue a certificate for slots to a person with a criminal record. It is forbidden to install automatic devices near objects of culture, medicine, monuments and so on. You can place slots in cafes and shops only if you have a separate entrance to the game room.

License for lotteries in Romania

To obtain permission to conduct lotteries in Romania, a large package of documentation must be submitted to the Commission. Among the necessary official document there are the following:
    • application form in the state language with the original signature of the counterparty;
    • a contract on the availability of premises for carrying out gambling activities;
    • documents on the origin of the client's investments;
    • a certificate on the absence of previous convictions of each of the beneficial owners of the lottery business;
    • documents on electronic equipment and software in case it is used in the game.

If the counterparty is engaged in the sale of paper tickets, its superiority in winning in comparison to users must not be more than 10%. The level of payments is additionally checked by experts.

License to open a casino in Romania

Opening of a casino is associated with special requirements: the regulation requires the presence of at least 10 tables, 4 of which are for roulette. Regardless of the location of the room, it must have a separate entrance. The premises must comply with all operational standards, including the presence of a rest room for employees, a toilet, all communications and so on.

To obtain a license to open a casino in Romania, you need to pass a verification of physical office for compliance with fire and health standards.

Bookmaker license in Romania

Despite the fact that the outcome depends not on RNG or software in betting, such institutions also have to comply with the requirements for electronics. It is necessary to have CCTV cameras, as this helps to resolve controversial situations. The surveillance is made both in the hall and in the cashier's room. The record must be stored for at least 10 days, and black and white format is prohibited.

Owners and employees of the bookmaker office are prohibited from participating in disputes and gambling even through intermediaries. You can get a bookmaker license in Romania using help of Law&Trust lawyers. We have detailed information about all the regulations concerning the requirements for gambling, which will help you avoid delinquency and additional liability.

License for Bingo in Romania

There are specific regulations for this type of gambling. Jurisdiction of Romania implies a complete absence of bingo in the territory of parks and recreation areas, and the physical office must be at least 30 meters away from houses and shops.

Obtaining a license for bingo in Romania makes it possible to use foreign currency when betting, but only in case of availability of the additional permission from a local bank. Each violation of the law is subject to an administrative fine in the amount of 500 thousand to 10 million leus.

The level of taxation in the territory of Romania depends more on the type of activity of the counterparty than on its belonging to any jurisdiction. Specialists of our company conduct free consultation of clients, issue primary documentation (application forms), and also provide all related services.

Among the latest should be mentioned: registration of a physical office in Romania, opening of accounts in local banks for payments and contributing share capital, full support of the licensing process, as well as provision of legal assistance after a client receives a certificate for gambling.