Romania is a rather large country situated in Eastern Europe. Since transition from the communist system in its own political course in the 1990s, the country has been continuously transforming its economy and developing the domestic investment climate.

Business in Romania

Taking into account the steady growth of the economy, business in Romania has both feet firmly on the ground.  Actions of the government to bring tax policy in line with the requirements of the European Union created the following advantages for foreign investors wishing to establish a company in the country:

  1. Preferential tax policy
    Flexible credit granting
  2. Significant number of qualified employees
    Possibility to register a company remotely
  3. Full membership of Romania in the European Union,
    No restrictions on the participation of foreigners in the enterprise.

Among the most optimal forms of the company, allowing maximum use of the factors characterizing a business in Romania, the following ones should be mentioned:

  1. 1. Individual entrepreneur.
  2. The founder is an individual. Responsibility extends to all property of the founder.
  3.  2. Limited liability company.
  4. The form is characterized by low-sized authorized capital. The founders in the amount of up to 50 participants are individuals and legal entities. The responsibility of each of them is limited by the size of contributions to total capital.
  5. 3. Joint-stock company.
  6. The form is mainly used to create large businesses in Romania. All important decisions are made by the general meeting of shareholders, the director provides overall operational management. Shares of the company are in free circulation on the stock market.

Important features of a limited liability company:

  • Founder is at least 1 member, resident / non-resident,
  • Participants appoint directors,
  • Requires registration of a legal address in Romania,
  • Accounting reports are provided quarterly.

Registration of Business in Romania

Although according to data provided by analysts of the DOING JONES 2017 rating, the country is average regarding the ease of doing business in its own territory, but it is ahead of Italy and Belgium in this matter.

Registration of business in Romania is not difficult, but it requires resort to specialists in this matter, since errors and inaccuracies in the constituent documents lead to the refusal of company registration. You must comply with the following steps for registration:

  1. Verification of the uniqueness of the company name and its subsequent registration. Some words used in the title require special permission: Romanian, National, etc.
  2. Depositing funds in one of the banks to form authorized capital.
  3. Registration of the charter and constituent documents in the commercial register.
  4. Registration in the territorial offices of the tax service,
  5. Registration of employees in social security agencies.

The cost of registration is the lowest in comparison with the rest countries in Europe.

Important information:

  • Investors opening a business in Romania in regions with unfavourable conditions receive the possibility of additional benefits from the state,
  • Accounting complies with International Standards and EU requirements,
  • There is no capital gains tax,
  • Romania acceded to bilateral international treaties on double taxation,
  • Willingness to manage the company directly on the territory of Romania involves obtaining a working visa at the Romanian consulate,
  • There is strict fiscal control in Romania.

If you contact our company, you will receive consultation regarding the process of business registration in Romania. This step will reduce your possible time and financial losses allowing you to open your own business in the country as soon as possible.

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For reference:

  • Limited Liability Company («SRL»)
  • Joint Stock Company («SA»)