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How and where to obtain gambling license?

Law&Trust offers processing of permission for gambling in the following countries: Costa Rica, Curacao, Malta, Isle of Man, Seychelles, Alderney, Antigua and Barbuda, Kahnawake , Romania, Montenegro, Latvia, and the UK. Due to special registration policy, the largest number of official representations of gambling establishments are located there.

Our lawyers carry out collecting documents and negotiating with the representative offices of the above countries, which makes the process of obtaining permission quick and easy.

What is the purpose of license for gambling?

It legalizes business in accordance with international laws, and also guarantees you honesty, decency and transparency in financial matters.

Real casino, room of slot machines, bookmaker's office, as well as websites and establishments with lotteries and bingo always have the relevant documents, copies of which should be presented to counterparties and partners to increase loyalty, as well as to tax authorities and representatives of inspection authorities.

Rules and requirements for obtaining gambling license

The norms:

    • The norms prescribe the behavior of all persons who are associated with the organization being licensed, including partners, employees and owners themselves.
    • The requirements for obtaining license for gambling are similar to those for persons conducting banking activities:
    • The owners and personnel of the company should have certain working experience in the financial sector to ensure the stability of their own business;
    • Persons suspected of involvement in illegal activities are refused even without consideration of the application;
    • Particular commissions verify applicants for availability of good standing;
    • Complete information on the structure of the finances and the company itself, its employees and partners is sometimes required.
The rules for gambling license abroad are set by the special commission in order to make it more convenient to monitor and control the activities of the applicants.

Licensing of gambling business: How to Select Jurisdiction

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Antigua and Barbuda. In order to obtain license, it is necessary to submit a number of documents under the laws of Antigua and Barbuda. There is a one-time fee for filing the application, as well as insignificant percentage of taxes on net gambling gain.

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Curacao. It is considered one of the most reliable countries for licensing and has single application form for bookmakers, slot machines, bingo, lotteries and casinos. For registration of the company it is necessary to register in the Chamber of Commerce of the Antilles.

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Malta. The level of reliability is very high, but the procedure takes a little longer. There is considerably large list of fees, which is reconsidered depending on the scope of activity of the client.

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Alderney. Obtaining gambling license abroad on this island allows the operator to accept gamers' bets from around the world. Before submitting the application, you must obtain Software Provider Certificate. The foregoing can also be carried out with our help.

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Kahnawake. The first country with jurisdiction to grant gambling licenses. Representatives of its commission issue three types of different forms, and our lawyers will help deal with them.

License for online gaming activities

Company Law&Trust offers you to acquire gambling license abroad. Obtaining document implies the existence of a firm to provide accounts and conduct transaction, and if it is not available, our lawyers will carry out its registration.
When applying to us, you obtain full package of comprehensive legal services, which reduces time consumption for searching for legal specialists regarding each operation and allows you to save on financial expenses.

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