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License for brokerage activities: peculiarities of obtaining

Law&Trust International provides legal support services for natural persons and legal entities in various fields of activities. Our practical work regarding legal maintenance for persons when licensing various types of activities in foreign jurisdictions is engaged, among other things, in assisting companies and individual traders for obtaining license to carry out brokerage and dealer activities abroad.

Licensing of brokerage activities is one of the priorities for our company.

Legal maintenance for licensing is provided in the following jurisdictions: Great Britain, Hungary, Germany, Cyprus, Lithuania, Czech Republic, Belize, Australia, as well as Latvia, Malta, New Zealand and Panama and other countries (you can clarify the full list when applying for consultation).

We also carry out maintenance in obtaining Forex broker license.

Legal system of each jurisdiction imposes different requirements on persons tending to obtain license for financial activities abroad. You can find general information on obtaining brokerage license in various jurisdictions in this section.

You can apply to one of our specialists for more detailed information on each country and its relevant regulations for obtaining license to conduct financial activities by phone or in course of advisory.

Obtaining brokerage license: peculiarities

Law&Trust International has been engaged in processing licenses for brokerage services for a long time.

The stages of our work include the following:

    • - Preparation of the package of documents of the applicant;

      - Establishment of new brokerage companies;

      - Opening bank accounts for transfers all over the world;

      - Legal support of the whole process of filing documents before obtaining license;

      - Consultation for the client on all issues, including taxation, software, insurance, etc.

      - Assistance to the client in the passportization of financial activities in the EU countries (the procedure for notifying the state authorities of a Member State of the EU by a company established in another country of the European Economic Area regarding the intention to provide brokerage services within its territory).

      Requirements set in each jurisdiction for obtaining license significantly affect the presumptive scope of work and the list of services provided.

      In the most general terms, the applicant should comply with the following minimum requirements for obtaining brokerage license:

    • Amount of the authorized capital of the company engaged in obtaining the license (if license for financial activity can only be obtained by legal entity);


    These criteria are the most general and vary depending on the requirements of the legal system in which obtaining brokerage license is requested.

    Please, contact our specialists or have a look at relevant section of the website for detailed information on the requirements of the jurisdiction you are interested in.

    Requirements for the resident status of the jurisdictions. Conducting activities in the territory of the state in which the license is being obtained; Payment of state fees; Sometimes natural persons are required to provide information about solvency; Presence of certain number of employees holding positions specified in the requirements of the jurisdiction (for example, auditors) in the organization;

The cost of obtaining brokerage license

Each state has its own list of requirements for the person planning to obtain license for carrying out brokerage activities. The price for our services depends on the selected jurisdiction, the client (natural person or company), specific list of required documents and planned scope of activities.

We provide legal support services when obtaining brokerage license without personal presence of the client via the Internet, which will allow to save you time.

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