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Investment Banking License

Investment activity comprises the process of contributing funds in investment facilities, as well as other actions that are aimed at gaining of profit. It can be purchasing and selling securities, realty under construction or ready-made real estate, etc.

Investments are usually understood as funds, intellectual resources (know-how, special knowledge), intangible and tangible assets (property rights, permits) that serve as an object of investing in a particular project with subsequent benefits for the investor.

Licensing of investment activities is necessary in the case of management of investment funds (including mutual investment funds) and pension non-government funds, as well as activities of specialized depositories of such funds.

How to Get an Investment License

License for investment activity is a permission that provides the right to engage in certain type of financial activity, issued by the state body of the country specially authorized for the foregoing. One of the types of licensed financial activity is investment activity.

Foreign investment licensing for non residents is quite problematic, as it is considerably complicated and time-consuming procedure.

In most cases, the state carries out thorough verification of the applicant company, its activities and the owners' identities. Personal presence in the state licensing bodies is often required.

However, if you apply to the specialists of Law&Trust International, we will take care of all these issues.

Our company has been providing intermediary services in obtaining license for investment activities abroad for a long time and has many positive experiences.

Qualified specialists of the company will collect the necessary documents and submit them to the appropriate state authority, and they will personally communicate with officials.

We set a goal to help you accomplish all the procedures at the first attempt in a short time and obtain investment license abroad with the least cost.

Cost of Investment License

In many countries, there is no fee for issuing investment license, but there may be annual fee to be paid.

The amount of such fee is constantly changing, and it often becomes more expensive. The amount of remuneration for the provision of services by Law&Trust International depends on the country of licensing, and specific price can be clarified by phone at the specified site.

Procedure for Obtaining InvestmentLicense

In order to obtain investment license, the application is filed with the state licensing authority supplemented by all the necessary documents. The decision to issue license or refuse to grant license is taken with approximately 45 days from the date of submission of the application.

The license for conducting investment activity is issued for the period of five years. Upon the application of the person holding the license, the term of its validity may be renewed. After renewal of the term of validity, the license becomes permanent, unless particular validity period is specified.

The application should be submitted to the licensing authority not later than 30 days before the license expires.

Separate jurisdictions and types of financial licenses have their own peculiarities.

Sometimes one mistake in the preparation of documents can become the reason for refusing to issue license. Moreover, already paid state duties and fees in such cases are usually not returned.

Therefore, it is in your best interests to involve professionals from our law firm who have successful experience in obtaining various licenses, that will save your time and money. Welcome to Law&Trust International!

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