Registration of trademark in Uzbekistan

In Uzbekistan, registration of trademark is managed by the Agency for Intellectual Property of the Republic of Uzbekistan. It also regulates the other legal aspects relating to intellectual property. According to the legislation of the republic, legal protection of the trademark is carried out only after its official registration.

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Patenting of trademark in Uzbekistan

Legal entity or natural person engaged in entrepreneurial activities can submit application in order to register trademark in Uzbekistan. The application submitted to the Patent Office of the Republic of Uzbekistan should undergo several stages, namely:

1. Formal examination. This stage is carried out within one month.
2. Examination of the designation applied for. Regulation of terms for this procedure is not fixed.

The application for trademark registration in Uzbekistan can be submitted both in Uzbek and Russian.


Step 1
Free Consultation *
During the free consultation, our experts will assist you in selecting the most optimal class under the ICGS
Step 2
Preliminary Check
Our lawyers will carry out an expert assessment of the emblem/logo/TM, ensuring it complies with the necessary requirements and the degree of resemblance between your trademark and already registered TM
Step 3
You can agree with us on the most convenient payment method
Step 6
Obtaining a Certificate
On request, the certificate of registration can be delivered to you via courier service
Step 5
The registrar reviews the application and attached documents; the procedure can be done without the client necessarily being present
Step 4
Submission of Documents
After completing a power of attorney, our specialists collect and prepare the necessary documents (including statement of use) and submit the application for trademark registration

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The main feature of filing the application in the Republic of Uzbekistan remains a huge difference in the amounts of state fees for foreign applicants and residents of the country. Foreigners pay much more.

After payment of the prescribed fee, the Agency for Intellectual Property of the Republic of Uzbekistan registers the certificate for trademark within 3 days.

Features of registering a brand name in Uzbekistan

It should be noted that due to the peculiarities of the Uzbek legislation, trademarks repeating the brand names known in the territory of the country and belonging to other persons who obtained the right to these trademark before the application was filed are not registered in the republic. If the rightholder has not exercised his exclusive right to the trademark for five years from the date of registration, this right can be revoked.

Another unusual feature is that the trademark with the expired term can not be re-registered on behalf of another person for subsequent three years after the end of the validity of the document for the right to own the brand. Such provision in the legislation of the state applies to cases where the owner refused the trademark before the expiration of the validity of the certificate.

Information on registered trademarks is published in the official bulletin of the Agency for Intellectual Property of Uzbekistan. There is no public access to the database of registered trademarks on the Internet, and this is another feature of the state register in Uzbekistan.

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