Registering a trademark in Bangladesh

Registering a brand name in Bangladesh provides the right to the development of enterprise in the given country. The scope of the company’s activity shall comply with the legislation of the state. The only one type of registration of trademarks is possible in the territory of Bangladesh, and it is according to the national procedure.

The abovementioned system implies the full-fledged operation of the new TM within the borders of the country, however, in order to extend to neighboring republics, submission of separate application is required. Bangladesh does not belong to the economic space created by the Madrid Agreement, but the legal rights of TM are protected there by the provisions of the Paris Convention.

Registration of trademark in Bangladesh

The most prompt means is to file application using services of Law&Trust. Our lawyers are personally involved in collecting the package of documents, as well as track all stages of consideration of official documents, which considerably accelerates the process of obtaining permit for business activity.

Almost no actions are required from the counterparty, except for:

  • Filling in and signing the application form;
  • Transferring copy of personal passport to the lawyer of Law&Trust;
  • Power of attorney for the specialist, so that he can continue the procedure of collecting documents personally without the participation of the client.


Step 1
Free Consultation *
During the free consultation, our experts will assist you in selecting the most optimal class under the ICGS
Step 2
Preliminary Check
Our lawyers will carry out an expert assessment of the emblem/logo/TM, ensuring it complies with the necessary requirements and the degree of resemblance between your trademark and already registered TM
Step 3
You can agree with us on the most convenient payment method
Step 6
Obtaining a Certificate
On request, the certificate of registration can be delivered to you via courier service
Step 5
The registrar reviews the application and attached documents; the procedure can be done without the client necessarily being present
Step 4
Submission of Documents
After completing a power of attorney, our specialists collect and prepare the necessary documents (including statement of use) and submit the application for trademark registration

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Our lawyers are engaged in compiling the register of official documents, because the later is different for each type of counterparty. The collection is conducted within all the necessary institutions, including tax authorities, private bodies, accounting and regular departments of your enterprise. After receiving all the certificates, copies and statements, the specialists of Law&Trust carry out their verification for the accuracy of the compilation and for compliance with the regulations of Bangladesh. Further, all forms are translated into the state language of the foreign state and all forms are certified.

The time for consideration of the application can be up to 24 months, but in the absence of queues, it is possible to obtain TM within a shorter period. Most of the time is spent for verifying the uniqueness of the company's logo, which means that the preliminary sample should be checked in advance for compliance with the laws of Bangladesh.

Cost of registration of trademark in Bangladesh

Approximate cost is indicated in the price list on our website, and the amount can vary depending on many factors which the lawyer will specify to you during individual consultation. The price is notified to the client before the services are provided, which indicates honesty and transparency of the financial policy of Law&Trust.

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