Kyrgyzstan: registration of trademark

Companies tending to register trademark in Kyrgyzstan usually act through a specialized law firm with an excellent reputation. In practice, the process of registration of trademark in Kyrgyzstan includes several stages, they are the following:

1. Determination of the class of the trademark being registered according to the international classification

It is important to correctly determine the class of the trademark entering the Kyrgyz market according the International Classification of Goods and Services in order not to let any possibility for the competitors to register similar trademark.

2. Search for identical trademarks in the Kyrgyz market

The foregoing is not part of duties of the lawyers of Kyrgyzpatent, but is the responsibility of the applicant. Based on the data of analysis of similar trademarks, the decision shall be made to register the brand unchanged, or to make some corrections.

3. Making application to Kyrgyzpatent

For applying, it is necessary to fill in the application form set in Kyrgyzstan and attach to it the package of documents describing the trademark being registered in details.

4. Consideration of the application


Step 1
Free Consultation *
During the free consultation, our experts will assist you in selecting the most optimal class under the ICGS
Step 2
Preliminary Check
Our lawyers will carry out an expert assessment of the emblem/logo/TM, ensuring it complies with the necessary requirements and the degree of resemblance between your trademark and already registered TM
Step 3
You can agree with us on the most convenient payment method
Step 6
Obtaining a Certificate
On request, the certificate of registration can be delivered to you via courier service
Step 5
The registrar reviews the application and attached documents; the procedure can be done without the client necessarily being present
Step 4
Submission of Documents
After completing a power of attorney, our specialists collect and prepare the necessary documents (including statement of use) and submit the application for trademark registration

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This action takes place in two stages:

  • Preliminary examination. In its course, the regularity of application and the authenticity of the package of documents attached to it are verified.

  • Examination of designation. The purpose of this examination is to determine whether there are grounds for refusing registration.

Consideration of the application for trademark may take several months. During the process, the Patent Office of the Kyrgyz Republic often enters into correspondence with the applicant to specify all details, obtain clarifications, coordinate the class of the ICGS and miscellaneous.

In certain cases expert meeting to deal with the issue of registration of particular trademark may be held. In case of positive decision, the State Service on Intellectual Property and Innovations of Kyrgyzstan will send you the decision on registration of your trademark.

5. Obtaining certificate
The last stage of registering brand name in Kyrgyzstan is payment of the Kyrgyzpatent's fees and obtaining the certificate on registration of the trademark.

The procedure for registration of trademark in Kyrgyzstan can be simplified by using the services of law firms specializing in the protection of intellectual property and patent law. With the help of such companies, the majority of trademarks and patents are registered in the republic.

The foregoing is useful for foreign counterparties, because it simplifies communication and translation of documents into the Kyrgyz language, and also gives a number of other advantages.

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