Registration of trademark in Turkmenistan

Law&Trust Company is engaged in registration of trademarks in Turkmenistan. Registration of trademark can be ordered by individual or company owner from any country in the world. Registration is carried out according to the national procedure, since the country is not included in the list of world economic unions.

When submitting an application it is necessary to indicate the type of activity, and the process of registering goods is similar to the European one, so all products are divided into groups, the application is sent immediately for the whole category without dividing it into separate types of products.

The above approach simplifies collection of the documentation package. In addition to data on the type of entrepreneurial activity and the types of goods or services, it is necessary to provide personal information and detailed description of the company.

The package of official documents most often include the following:


Step 1
Free Consultation *
During the free consultation, our experts will assist you in selecting the most optimal class under the ICGS
Step 2
Preliminary Check
Our lawyers will carry out an expert assessment of the emblem/logo/TM, ensuring it complies with the necessary requirements and the degree of resemblance between your trademark and already registered TM
Step 3
You can agree with us on the most convenient payment method
Step 6
Obtaining a Certificate
On request, the certificate of registration can be delivered to you via courier service
Step 5
The registrar reviews the application and attached documents; the procedure can be done without the client necessarily being present
Step 4
Submission of Documents
After completing a power of attorney, our specialists collect and prepare the necessary documents (including statement of use) and submit the application for trademark registration

Intellectual property law practice in figures

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countries for registration of TM
registered TM and patents

1. Passport of the applicant, beneficial owners and directors of the organization.
2. For citizens whose identification documents do not have residence address, it is necessary to have address certificate or utility bills for the last 3-4 months.
3. The company's charter and extracts from the protocols.
4. Confirmation of financial status: for individuals - certificate from the place of work, for legal entities - data from the accounting department regarding the level of turnover, as well as extract from the bank account for the availability of certain amount of funds.

Trademarks in Turkmenistan are verified for similarities with other local logos. Legislation on the protection of intellectual rights ensures trademark with legal defense for 10 years after its issuance. The term for consideration of the client's application is about one year, but there may be insignificant delays due to the presence of queues. Several stages should be undergone from the moment of applying to us by the applicant up to sending the package of official documents to representatives of foreign jurisdiction.

Procedure for registering a brand name in Turkmenistan

1. Primary exchange of documentation. Sample and application form for registration of the trademark can be provided by our lawyers. Forms are accepted in Russian and the state language, and if the client can not speak any of the listed ones, the form can be translated in full by the specialists of Law&Trust. We have to receive a copy of your passport and a power of attorney in order to represent your interests in all necessary authorities accompanied by the application. The company guarantees compliance with the privacy policy.
2. Compilation and collection of missing forms. After receiving initial data about individual or company, the lawyer compiles the list of the remaining documentation and proceeds to collect the documents in tax authorities and government bodies.
3. Preparation consists in translation and verification of documentation for compliance with to the legal regulations of Turkmenistan.

It is possible to apply for assistance in registering trademark in the territory of Turkmenistan by mail or by calling our lawyers from the website. Applications are accepted to the mailbox during non-working hours.

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