Indonesia: registration of trademark

Registering trademark in Indonesia is possible with the help of professional lawyers of Law&Trust. Among our advantages there are the following:

  • Detailed knowledge of the jurisdiction of the Asian state;
  • Possibility to verify the logo and the documentation for compliance with the regulations of the country in advance;
  • Guarantee of strict compliance with the privacy policy.

Process of registering a brand name in Indonesia

  1. The application is submitted according to the national procedure, because the state is not among the participants of the Madrid Agreement, therefore the legal protection and the operation of the trademark will be available only within the country. The client should attach to the application the copy of the passport, as well as the power of attorney for our specialist in order to subsequently collect the package of official documents.
  2. Professional lawyers will shorten the period of collection and preparation of documentation, as they have accurate register of the necessary forms, as well as precise interpretation of the requirements for documents. Collection is carried out in state and tax authorities.
  3. Preparation includes translation into Indonesian, thorough reconciliation of forms for mistakes and certification of each form.
  4. Consideration can take up to 24 months. Our lawyers monitor every stage of document and logo verification by the expert commission. The emblem should not be similar to other trademarks, and it should not contain unoriginal details of other logos. It is forbidden to register trademarks calling for violence or involving immoral details.

Permission for entrepreneurial activity is issued for 10 years. Within this period, the client will be able to adapt to the Asian market and get opportunity to further expansion of the business.

Our clients on trademark registration