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Software is a complex intellectual property. Each element of the Game requires comprehensive protection. You can register a trademark, get a patent for technical solutions and game mechanisms, but copyright objects will remain under threat: characters, script, game design, program source code, graphic images, music, video series, and other creative results.

Copyrights are not subject to registration. Each work created as a result of creative activity, possessing originality and originality, is subject to protection from the moment of its creation under law.


First of all, an integrated approach is needed to protect copyright. It is important to identify the objects themselves to be protected by highlighting them with appropriate symbols and establishing a mode of use. Our team will conduct a thorough audit of intellectual property, highlight the objects of copyright and develop a specific mechanism for the protection of Customer data. Please, you need to carefully consider the compilation of the accompanying package of documents, which establishes the legal conditions for the development, use and sale of the created product. Below we check up at the elements of protecting the product from copyright infringement and illegal copying from Law and Trust specialists to obtain copyrights to the software or computer game.


  • Preparation and conclusion of a license agreement providing for the strict use of software and not allowing any changes to the program and computer game for use. Our experts develop license agreements for specific tasks of the Client, reflecting all the features of interaction with the product.

  • Juridically competent drafting of an agreement on the alienation of copyright upon the acquisition of any objects.

  • Establishing a secret commercial regime to protect formulas, samples, techniques, in-game concepts, know-how, ideas, and so on. Commercial secrets implemented by our specialists will protect copyright objects from possible leaks from contractors, partners and employees of the company.

  • Registration and support of the contract of the author's order with each developer.

  • Setting the procedure for transferring rights to an object when creating a service work.

  • Also, do not ignore the technical side of the issue, providing encryption of the information used, restricting access to development by employees as a result of establishing a trade secret regime.

Besides, our company offers assistance in securing the copyright to a computer game by depositing.

Depositing is one of the ways to publish the results of intellectual activity, ensuring the author's priority on the created object. Depositing allows you to confirm the authorship of the creator of the Game and fix the date of creation of the work. The certificate of deposit of the result of intellectual activity issued by one of the organizations that have the authority to deposit works is a document confirming the authorship.

An alternative method of confirming the copyright of a game will be to notarize the elements of the program created: characters, text, script, etc. This method will allow further, during the trial, to refer to the date and authenticity of certified materials.

Lawyers of Law and Trust also register the copyright on computer software. This procedure is possible in the US and Russia. During registration, the source code of the program or Game is recorded.


Possessing comprehensive copyright protection for a computer game, you reduce the risks of illegal use of the intellectual property. The presence of legally valid copyright verification allows you to have a firm position in court and demand compensation for copyright infringement.
Besides, the presence of accompanying documentation, compiled by professionals, allows you to gain trust from customers and partners and make the impression of a reliable and responsible company.


Law and Trust specialists do not recommend their clients to limit themselves to the availability of copyright protection for their work, Game, text, or characters provided by default.
We are preparing a full package of documents to protect game elements from illegal copying.
Assist in setting up a secret trade mode and conduct an audit of concluded agreements with developers.

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