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The modern development of the Internet and IT-sphere requires exceptional support for projects that develop in a rather fast way. Today, interest in the high-tech industry has increased in multiple volumes, and IT projects and many segments of the high-tech business have begun to rely on broad legal opportunities actively. It is the specialized assistance from legal experts that helps to create, maintain and not lose capital, investment attractiveness and reputation.

The issues of business development, registration of intellectual property rights, the conclusion of contracts and international contracts, representation of companies in many areas of activity, determination of the optimal tax burden - this is not a complete list of the needs that law firms are already ready to offer.

Thanks to competent and timely legal support, IT projects will be not only able to avoid risks and losses, but also be able to prevent them from obtaining evident progress in their activities. In aggregate, all the above factors will help representatives of the high-tech industry to carry out their activities in a legitimate way.

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Legal support in the activities of an IT company requires a thorough and integrated approach for owners, managers and investors. Each member of the organization must be provided with sufficient conditions for carrying out his direct activities. Legal consulting in the IT sphere will allow not only to allocate resources and opportunities also but adequately solve a vast array of personal tasks and conditions.

Legal support of a programmer or web developer in the design of employment relationships with investors, customers or employers will be the basis for his successful work. The project manager or its owner requires not only competent execution of the services ordered and received but also the adherence to the rules for using the company's property objects.

Receiving qualified legal support from specialists, developers and programmers, regardless of whether they work as a team (in-house or outsource) or for themselves, they need to take care of either the competent design of labour relations or the form of payment for their work, respectively.

Legal support will also help investors, project managers, and developers to resolve issues of labour remuneration, obtaining royalties or dividends from current owners of their products.

For the successful implementation of their project in the field of high technologies, entrepreneurs show interest in investing promising,-projects in innovative developments in various areas of business that can bring a substantial financial positive effect.

For a startup in the IT sector, it is crucial to ensure that legal assistance helps to solve a considerable number of issues. This also applies to organizational matters and the drafting of the contract. If investors or owners of the company actively increase the development possibilities of the project, enter the international markets, then you cannot do without legal support.

The presence of qualified specialists in the field of law will allow Investors, owners or managers of projects of IT companies to increase the productivity of work that can be reoriented to the development of their business. Thus, the company receives not only advice, support and resolution of legal issues, but also acquires, in the person of lawyers, representatives of interests and lawyers in matters relating to legal and financial proceedings.

Почему Law&Trust International?

Полный спектр сопутствующих услуг: Предоставление полного спектра юридических, корпоративных, официальных и услуг по бизнес-анализу.
Специалисты в области права: регистрация и юридическое сопровождение компаний по всему миру, бухгалтерские услуги и аудит, налоговое планирование и оптимизация, регистрация товарных знаков и патентов и многое другое. Наши лучшие профессионалы всегда готовы помочь вашему бизнесу.
Первая бесплатная консультация: юристы Law and Trust предоставляют бесплатную первую консультацию, а также услуги по анализу и выработке стратегии по достижению положительного результата.
Быстро и безопасно: Law & Trust International обеспечивает высокий уровень безопасности данных каждого клиента.
Эффективность и производительность: стратегическое предоставление современных услуг для каждого клиента, чтобы помочь вашему бизнесу стать прибыльным и успешным.

If the representatives of the IT sector ignore the possibilities of the legal component in their work, this will affect many parameters of work. Financial, reputational and image losses can lead to unforeseen circumstances that will be very difficult to resolve.

So, in particular, programmers and developers can lose:

  1. The dividends for previously developed products;
  2. The ability to protect objects of their intellectual property legally;
  3. The right to own and use the product (s) or service;
  4. A right for compensation for reputational and moral damages.

If owners and investors do not take advantage of legal support, they risk losing:

  1. Legitimate grounds for activities in the IT sector;
  2. Loss of access to global markets;
  3. Financial losses;
  4. Opportunities to receive dividends from the company's profits;
  5. Access to further financing of the IT project from partners and stakeholders.

Therefore, an essential factor in the modern conduct of business in the high-tech industry is the availability of professional legal support.

Advantages of legal consulting and support of projects in the field of information technology from Law & Trust International

Law and Trust International offer a wide range of opportunities for development in the IT sector, not only for programmers and developers but also for investors and company executives. We provide a range of services and opportunities for all interested in the high-tech sphere, and we also show an individual approach to each case of cooperation with representatives of the IT-sphere.

Having worked for more than 15 years in the international legal consulting market in all branches of law, our highly qualified lawyers' team has thousands of successful cases. We also actively cooperate with 135 foreign jurisdictions and more than 150 banking institutions around the world.

Law & Trust International adheres to four primary criteria in its work, including in the field of information technology:

  • Top quality work
  • Compliance with legal regulations of the selected jurisdictions
  • Confidentiality
  • Data protection

These values ​​are fundamental in collaboration with each client.

Therefore, if you want to start or successfully develop your business in the IT field, get a patent, intellectual property rights to software or a computer game, register a startup, make a lucrative contract, and much more, then the best choice in legal support of your IT project will be the company Law & Trust International.

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