How to register company in the USA: regulation of the process

How to register company in the USA

Law & Trust International offers registration of companies in the USA and other accompanying legal services to the clients. Applying for our services will reduce the time required for the collection of documentation, as well as significantly increase the chances for quick consideration of the application due to the correct filling in and the proper set of the package of documents.

Company registration in the USA: initial stages

The establishment of offshore company in the USA is no different from starting business in other countries. In order to successfully register company in the USA, the founder shall confirm his financial status. In all other respects the requirements are minimal. The financial status is confirmed by the transfer of charter contribution to the local bank account, as well as the payment of state fees.

When establishing company in the USA, obtaining a visa is not necessary. The director of the enterprise can reside in the territory of offshore zone in America or in other countries.

The citizens of the country and its non-residents can apply to the company Law & Trust International for registration of companies in the United States of America. For registration of the company in the USA, the applicant’s belonging to the residency is of great importance. In order to register offshore company in the USA, it is necessary to obtain a legal address.

The citizens of the country are entitled to indicate their home addresses, and they are used for sending correspondence, invoices, declarations and other notifications. However, non-residents who do not have property in the USA shall use the services of an agent, since transfer of internal documentation to another country is impossible. The establishment of company is possible in one or several states of the country.

Establishing company in the USA: choosing registration form

Each of the states located in the territory of America has its own regulations concerning registration of foreign companies, but they have a lot of common provisions. Regardless of the state, registering company in the USA is possible in one of three organizational and legal forms, namely:

  1. Partnership.
  2. Limited Liability Company (LLC).
  3. Corporation (Corp).

The most cost-efficient form of activity is LLC. The institutions which have been registered can subsequently request the status of the corporation. The owners of the Limited Liability Company are required to file a tax return according to 1120-F form. If the founder is the resident of the country, only the company's income is taxable, however for non-resident owners 30% tax rate is provided on the basis of predetermined dividends. Also it is necessary to mention about the paying of federal fixed corporate income tax at a rate of 21%. In order to reclassify company into corporation, it is necessary to fill in the 8832 form within 75 days from the date of establishment.

Corporations in the USA are divided into C-Corp and S-Corp. The difference involves the level of tax rates. The status is selected when filling out the 2553 form. Non-residents can register company in the USA with the status of C-Corp, since it is most beneficial. Income tax is provided for this form of business, and additional allocations are possible, but their availability depends on the specific state of registration and other factors.

Documents for registration of company in the USA

  1. Personal data regarding one or more founders, as well as all appointed directors of the company. Among the necessary information, there are: surname, name and patronymic, place of birth and date of birth, address of registration and residence, copies of the main pages of the international passport.
  2. In the case when legal persons act as the founders, additional documents are required. Among them, there are: statutory documents of the enterprise, including minutes and permission to establish subsidiary branch.
  3. It is obligatory to provide data on the name of the company, as well as the attached list of its types of activities.

All documents for registration of company in the United States of America should be translated into English and all pages shall be signed or stamped by the notary. The processing of information in the United States is very fast, and Internet technologies are actively used, which makes it possible to operatively supplement the package with missing documents.

Detailed information on each of the stages of company registration in the USA can be specified by the lawyers of Law & Trust company. The experts will help you select the state for registration and provide legal assistance throughout the company's establishment.



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