The Netherlands and its immediate neighbours, situated on the Scandinavian peninsula, currently demonstrate enviable economic growth and high standard of living. Businessmen from all over the world, regardless of the capital stock and the direction of business, are trying to open their own enterprise in the country.

Business in the Netherlands

The Netherlands is equally well-developed in agriculture and industry. The government of the country, in attempt to reverse the historically one-sided development of only two directions of the economy, having added to them both reformed innovative scientific research and the banking system, seems to have chosen the right vector of development. The economy of the Netherlands ranks 6th among the rest of the EU member countries, which has a positive impact on the domestic investment climate.

No wonder, successful business in the Netherlands is based on the following fundamental principles of state regulation:

  1. Absence of bureaucracy and corruption,
  2. Attractive tax rates,
  3. Variety of loan offers,
  4. Reliable legal system,
  5. Privileges on the products of the developing scientific research  sphere,
  6. Simple procedure for the registration of companies,
  7. Exclusion of double taxation,
  8. Favourable geographical location,
  9. International authority of the state,
  10. Confidentiality,
  11. Possibility of obtaining residence permit.

Among the most attractive forms of business in the Netherlands,  the following are worth noting:

  1. Individual businessman.
    Liability for the obligations of the company extends to all property of the owner.
  2. Limited liability company.
    It is possible in 2 forms: closed and open. There is no requirement for the residence of shareholders. The minimum number of shareholders is 1.  In case of more shareholders, the establishment of the Board of Directors is required. Any change in the membership is notarized.
  3. Joint-stock company.
    Issuance of registered securities and alienation to third parties is permitted. The liability of the founders is limited by the amount of contributions to the authorized capital.

The full functioning of the joint-stock company, like business in the Netherlands, requires visa issuance to the founder. Although the procedure is not complicated (the country does not make any special demands to the applicant), it can take up to 3 months.

Registration of Business in the Netherlands

Not so long ago, until 2012, when the government revised its policy on the domestic investment climate attracting foreign investors, business registration in the Netherlands appeared to be a rather complicated procedure.

To date the process has become somewhat easier, necessarily including the following steps:

  1. Verification of the uniqueness of the name. It should resemble any of the existing companies,
  2. Notarization of constituent documents.
  3. Submission of documents to the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Netherlands. Upon termination of registration the company receives a unique identification number.
  4. Registration in tax authorities,
  5. Registration in the social service,
  6. Publishing notice on the establishment of the company in the official publication of the country.

If necessary, licensing of activities may be required.

Business registration in the Netherlands can be carried out by filing documents with online registration on the Internet, by mail, and also with the help of specialists.
Usually, business registration in the Netherlands takes no more than 3-4 weeks.

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Please, select organizational and legal form of the company You are interested in:


Netherlands BV

Netherlands NV


For reference:

  • Besloten Vennootschap (BV) - Private Limited Liability Company;
  • Naamloze Vennootschap (NV) - Public Limited Liability Company;
  • Vereniging - Association;
  • Stichting - Fund;
  • Branch - Branch of foreign company.