Opening a bank account in Germany

Germany is characterized by availability of advanced technologies in protecting depositors' financial assets, so that the number of its investors from other countries is continuously growing. Citizens of the Russian Federation, Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan, who are tending to open account in the bank of Germany, often face the problem of language barrier, which does not allow them to fully understand the nuances of the agreement.

The personnel of the company Law&Trust International consists of professional lawyers who are engaged in opening accounts in many countries of the world. We undertake preparation of the necessary documents, including: translation of documents, their compilation and submission to the representative of the bank.

Opening bank account in Germany by yourself involves personal presence of the applicant in the bank, however, not every client has time and opportunity to visit the Federal Republic of Germany. Our employee can become your attorney, which will accelerate the procedure for obtaining bank account for non-resident of Germany, and by using the offer of the company Law&Trust you will receive final requisite details within 3-4 weeks.

Open bank account in Germany for non-resident

It is necessary to be scrupulous about selecting the bank itself. Each financial institution offers different terms of cooperation, different levels of interest rates, and the amount of initial contributions varies. Our professionals will also help you to select the bank. Leave your application for consultation and wait for call from the manager.

The bank will be selected taking into account all your demands, and if there are any difficulties you can contact the manager.

Features of opening accounts in German banks for non-residents

  1. There is enough information available in the Internet concerning the fact that the contribution can be made online. Only a few of the financial institutions allow the foregoing means of opening the account, and all the others require personal presence. You should exclusively contact legal companies, such as Law&Trust, for assistance and advice. Otherwise, you risk providing your data to delinquents.

  2. Multi-currency accounts prevail in the republic, which is extremely convenient for foreigners and non-residents, and account maintenance may not be paid provided that there is certain monthly level of turnover of the funds on the account. Exact amounts are not prescribed due to fluctuations among the indicators in different banks.

  3. Approximate list of documents is as follows: passport or identity document, TIN, travel document with permission to enter the country.

The procedure for opening bank account in Germany is rather complicated, however, assistance of the experts will significantly facilitate the foregoing process. Maintenance of the client is carried out promptly, and collection and preparation of documents by our employees take 3-4 times less time than in case of carrying out the procedure by yourself.

The consultation is free of charge and is available through the online form or by telephone.

Germany: list of banks
Name of the bank Account opening cost Founded
Varengold Bank AG 690 EUR 1995
Deutsche Handelsbank 690 EUR 1956
Wirecard Bank AG 550 EUR 2005
net-m privatbank 1891 AG 590 EUR 1891
Fidor Bank AG 590 EUR 2009