What will be the process of registration of Irish LPs?

The Irish Register of Companies increased the requirements for non-resident partners wishing to register an enterprise in Ireland in December of last year. Changes have applied to individuals and legal entities that expressed a desire to become partners.

These changes in the legislation will help confirm seriousness of intentions of those who are going to conduct business in Ireland.

  1. If general partner (natural person) is not a resident of the European Economic Area, he/she must have special permission from the Department of Justice and Equality of Ireland to participate in a partnership. Permission is given in the form of GNIB or Green Card.
  2. If general partner is a legal person that does not have a registration in Ireland, a company needs to open a branch in the country. The foregoing will enable a company to act as a general partner in an Irish LP.
  3. A non-resident natural person can be a limited partner.

If a legal entity is appointed as a limited partner, a company must provide all the constituent documents with an apostille at a place of registration. Documentation with registration forms is filed with the register.