Trademark Registration: General ProvisionsTrademark Registration: General Provisions

Trademark registration is necessary for each Businessman after opening of own Business. Process of official registration of legal right will help you to develop your Company, to protect your products and services from copying or crib. Trademark owner can check new trademarks if he considers that their logos are similar to his own.

Company Law&Trust international can help with registration of new Trademark. Our Lawyers have a lot of experience in that sphere, they are familiar with legislation of different popular Countries. Due to experience our Lawyers are able to increase your chances to obtain Trademark in short terms.

Registration of Company’s Logo

Jurisdictions of all Countries, where you can register Trademark, prescribes Trademark expression through graphic image. Sign may have any graphical expression and color. You are free to use any symbols, signs, numbers, letters, slogans, drawings, graphics, diagrams and etc.I addition to graphic you may use audio. Each state has different requirements to creation of new Trademark, but there are few common rules, they may applicable to any State:

1. It is prohibited to use details that are immoral (rejected by most of the world's population) or offends the feelings of a group of citizens.

2. It is unacceptable to use quotes, excerpts from speeches, as well as  names of public figures or corporate names, if the applicant has no personal written consent of these persons.

3. If the sign contains elements that call for violence or offensive behavior, logo will be canceled even without documents consideration.

The “uniqueness” means the absence of similar logos on the territory of the registration.

Depending on the choice of jurisdiction we may divide three different registration procedures:

  • National;
  • Regional;
  • International.

The more territories covered by Trademark, the harder process of registration. For example in UK it is prohibited to mention Queen and Authorities, on both American Continents it is prohibited to mention national symbols, and in New Zealand it is prohibited to use titles of some professions. Our Lawyers can conduct preliminary check of Trademark and give advice upon it.

Obtaining of a Patent

1. Cooperation with Law&Trust. On that stage Client may have free Consultation. Client have to chose jurisdiction and procedure of Patent registration. Our Lawyers can help you to chose preferable Conditions for your particular situation.

2. Check of logo and classification of products and services. Nearly every country requires a study of the new organization. To do this, you have to provide us with the list of goods and services according to International Classification of Goods and Services Classification.

3. Documents. The hole process of preparing of documents will be done by our Lawyers according to PoA, which Client have to sign after first Consultation.We will check all documents and will provide translation if necessary.

4. Application Processing. Client doesn’t need to be present during the transfer of Documents, you may sen the set of documents through e-mail or courier. The term of consideration depends on the chosen jurisdiction.

Price of Trademark Registration

We can tell you exact price only after first consultation, due to peculiarities of each unique case. You can find prices on our website: Approximate prices are available in public access, but precise prices will be able only after first consultation. 

Also you may look through the Chapter International Classification.