Tax planning and optimizationLaw & Trust International company provides services for the development and implementation of tax strategies by means of the use of the international companies in order to reduce the tax burden in terms of direct and indirect taxes in Russia and other countries, where the customer directly performs or intends to operate the activity.
Our task is "turnkey" tax optimization or tax optimization of certain business processes taking into account and minimizing legal, tax and political risks for the client.

The International tax planning consists of the resident and foreign components, includes consideration of both foreign and local laws, international agreements and the actual enforcement in foreign countries and in the country where the main business of the client is.

Our services include:

  • Development of the structure of ownership and property management including foreign and domestic companies (international holdings).
  • Advice on international taxation.
  • Support of the international transactions.
  • Due Diligence (multilateral verification) of the international projects and non-resident companies.
  •  Consultations on legal cash and goods flow.
  • Development of the financing schemes, payment of dividends and royalties.
  • Strategy, and investment schemes country (Russia, Ukraine, European countries, etc.) and dissipating of assets.
  • Consultations on issues of confidentiality.
  • Assistance in creating investment and financial structures
  • Preparation of legal opinions and analytical reports on corporate and tax laws of the foreign countries.
  • Advice on the use of agreements on avoidance of double taxation, information sharing and other intergovernmental treaties.
  • etc.


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