Opening an account in a foreign bank: mission possibleJoin the free webinar entitled

«Opening an account in a foreign bank: mission possible»

on December 18, 2018.

16 years of experience in company registration and opening accounts in more than 150 foreign partner banks have provided us with experience and understanding of this issue.

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Business environment is changing at a crazy pace. Tax planning and optimization are the key factors in maintaining and accumulating own capital. The status of resident in a foreign bank is the best method for this purpose.

Attempts to understand the sphere of business abroad without professional assistance often do not produce the desired results. The flow of financial and legal jargon, along with complicated tax schemes, confuse business owners and all those who endeavour to take their business to the territories with profitable conditions.

We keep abreast of legislative innovations in foreign corporate law. We offer you to find out about all the subtleties when choosing a bank abroad, to become well-qualified and to solve tangle of stereotypes, misunderstandings and misconceptions in such delicate and important business as choosing a foreign bank and opening an account.


  • owners of non-resident companies;
  • financial directors;
  • lawyers;
  • private investors;
  • all those who have bank accounts abroad or just plan to start using the services of foreign banks.

We will have a separate talk about opening an account for cryptocurrency exchanges and cryptocurrency-related companies.


  1. Basic criteria for choosing the right bank for your type of business. Proper selection of a bank specially for your company is 30% of success.
  2. Proper presentation of your company to the bank within Due diligence and KYC procedures.
  3. Geographical location of the bank and company registration. Does the residential status and substance of a company affect account opening? We are going to classify banks by region and determine their requirements and target customers.
  4. Opening an account for cryptocurrency exchange by a company, whose activities are related to ICO and cryptocurrency. What requirements does banks put forward and how to combine the work of the bank, the acceptance and conversion of cryptocurrency?

Date: December 18
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