The Swiss Lottery and Betting Commission (Comlot) has prepared a “blacklist” of online casino domains that have been spotted in illegal activities. The Office added domains of gambling portals that provided services to Swiss players into the list. The primary list included 65 sites. The updated version of the blacklist of Comlot already has 81 domains.

Comlot included operators from the UK, the United States, Italy in the list. In parallel, the Swiss Federal Gaming Board (EBSK) announced its own “blacklist”. The domains included in this list are different from the Comlot list.

EBSK also published data on the Swiss Ministry of Health regarding Swiss gambling addiction. A total of 19 thousand people were interviewed. Of these, 69% at least once participated in gambling in 2017. The Swiss Ministry of Health reports that about 3% of the country's inhabitants are addicted to gambling. About 0.2% of Swiss people overall are addicted to gambling.

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