The substance conditions for foreign entrepreneurs will be changed in the Netherlands

The Ministry of Finance of the Netherlands has confirmed information about upcoming changes in the rules of work for local companies with foreign shareholders. Starting January 1, 2020, all those companies that will have foreign capital will be required to have documents confirming the company's presence in the Netherlands.

It is assumed that now, on the recommendation of the Ministry of Finance, the rules for renting premises for economic activity and the minimum wage fund will be changed. Among the most likely will be at least 2 years of renting space for the company and more than 100 thousand euros for the payroll.

Also for companies with foreign shareholders, a new WDT tax formula (dividend tax) will be introduced. According to her, all such institutions will be exempt from such payment for 5 years, and future companies (if they will be registered after January 1, 2020) receive benefits for 15% of the national tax.

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