Seychelles Financial Services Authority has announced an innovation that will appeal to companies wishing to conduct business in the jurisdiction. The government adopted a bill on the possibility of assigning international identification numbers for legal entities. 

The Seychelles authorities have passed a bill in accordance with which a number of amendments will be introduced to the country's Tax Code, as well as to the law on the activities of international companies. These amendments have already entered into force, so legal entities can already apply for an identification number. An interesting fact is that obtaining this code is also possible if a company is registered in Seychelles, but actually does not conduct its activities there.

Seychelles is considered one of the most popular offshore jurisdictions. Local tax laws attract many companies here. The possibility of assigning an international identification number will become one of the country's key advantages over other popular jurisdictions, such as Belize or the British Virgin Islands. An international identification number allows companies to open accounts in any foreign bank.

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