Under what conditions should think about registering companies abroad:

  • main part of your customer is abroad.
  • Bank makes absurd demands in terms of submission of documents confirming the cooperation with other companies (example: a contract confirming the cooperation with the App Store, Google Play, etc., certified by signature and wet stamp director and notarized translation of the treaty).
  • you specialize in developing mobile applications for the App Store, Google Play, etc.
  • income exceeds 30.000 USD per year.
  • For you
  • burdensome constant communication with the tax authorities, statistics, etc.
  • You found an investor, but its assets are located abroad.

Position legislator.

primarily question the legality of this step. It is important to remember that the laws of the Russian Federation is not prohibited, and therefore allowed to do business in the jurisdiction of a State not citizenship.



Registering a company in an offshore jurisdiction , for the implementation of mobile applications rargabotki is undoubtedly an effective solution to the issues of taxation and personal security company owners (beneficiaries). To date, a decent replacement offshore no organizational structure.

Since 2004, the world began to gain momentum trend among legislators pursuing goals complication of the process to minimize taxes. However, regulation at the national level, is poorly suited to limit virtual businesses. In addition, measures to combat tax avoidance in each state were taken and their own, not the best, as national legislators experience in developing IT business scope restrictions in most cases, no.

Among the control measures can be identified such:

  • Acceptance of changes in contracts "for the avoidance of double taxation" with certain offshore (goal - to discriminate against a particular industry in a given jurisdiction and return the market segment in its jurisdiction).
  • adoption of special rules on the payment of taxes for certain types of business by introducing the licensing requirements in the country of provision.
  • introduction of a number of requirements for banks conducting customer payments such companies (target - complication of cooperation with the company).

Unfortunately, these and other measures are not part of some coherent philosophy of Roman law, they would rather have the character of "interim measures" for conflicts that arise from the development of technology.

Nevertheless, the development of legislation continues and improves the skills legislator. For example, in the European Union by 2015, through the mechanism of European conventions are adopted new rules of e-commerce, which will unify the situation within the EU.

Currently most developed and transparent legislation in respect of the United States has a virtual business. But on the other hand the United States is the state of the case law and its administrative structure provides some sparsity in the legislation of each state so in any case, running a business requires a good legal training.

As for RF

the situation is exactly falls under the famous "9.5 rules of safe IT-business in Russia", which essentially boils down to the fact that in Russia IT-business better not lead.

easiest and cheapest option (for example, for statrapa) - UK company. It is ideal jurisdiction for company registration developer of mobile applications for the App Store and Google Play , as well as freelancing. Expenses for its maintenance minuscule plus minimum or even complete absence of taxes, reports, audits, and other pension funds.

How to get

earned money.

And so the choice of jurisdiction and registration of the company to develop mobile applications - completed. For financial transactions you will need to open an account in "decent bank", such banks are not very fond of offshore companies with low turnover. There are two ways to solve this problem:

  • First: charge any law firm, it will give you a guarantee that this problem without any extra nerves, and the most important time, as a company specializing in these services has a team of professionals with experience in this area and although this problem does not require special legal knowledge , a company with experience accumulated affiliate network is bude do much easier and faster, not only to open an account but also to the correspondence with the bank on your behalf.
  • Second: open an account yourself, you should start by gathering information and confirmation of its validity, which is quite an important point as to open an account you need to attend in person at the bank, and if you do not confirm the information about the bank and open an account with conditions It is likely to get into a situation not nimble and lose money.

Documents required to open an account


that the bank you removed his heart and soul, because the world is now gaining speed trend to combat money laundering, drug trafficking, arms trafficking and terrorism. In addition the company registration documents and your passport, you complete series of questionnaires and forms, etc. Banks adhere to the principle of Know Your Customer (KYC - Know Your Customer), and require all possible information from thereof.


that depending on what impression you make, you may be required:

  • second identity document;
  • postgraduate education directors;
  • property ownership documents;
  • the vehicle registration and driver's license;
  • founding documents of your other companies;
  • bills for utilities (for a certain period, to confirm residence in the territory of a State);
  • projected revenues and expenses;
  • cash-flow scheme;
  • expand the list of planned counterparties.
  • letters of recommendation from other banks.

In general, the bank did not miss the opportunity to get a full picture of your future client, and wants to make sure that you are a law-abiding citizen, and plan to do legitimate business. Number of additional documents required depends solely on the existing experience from you in the bank.

Withdrawal and taxes m planning business model.

There are two ways to get money:

  • You can transfer money to your personal card Russian (Ukrainian) of the bank, and quietly spend, but paying tax on the money in such cases can not be avoided;
  • You can issue a corporate card use. De jure is the company's money, so they pay tax, you are not required.

Also when planning a virtual business model should consider the following factors:

  • difference in the type of business - services or trade, it is a question of principle. For example, registration of the company for the appstore , registration of the company for google play , registration of the company to develop mobile applications , in general, this one, and check company for the domain is completely different and therefore the conditions for such companies may be different.
  • Licensing in the country of registration of the operating company (provided or not provided for by the legislator).
  • licensing in the state of the client (provided or not provided for by the legislator).
  • Availability
  • agreement "on avoidance of double taxation".
  • Requirements for location of servers as the main asset of the company.
  • Dimensions and stock regular government fees.
  • capital requirements of the company.
  • requirements for accounting.
  • Availability
  • taxes when doing this or that business inside and outside the jurisdiction.
  • Difficulty closing the company in case of necessity and consequences of bankruptcy for the beneficiaries.


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