procedure for opening a bank account raztlichaetsya depending on the bank. This applies both to the list of documents required for submission and opening date of the account. However, almost all the banks in their activities guided by the principles of due diligence your customer (KYC, Due Diligance , etc.) . In connection with this policy, the banks should be clear about the client's business, and also to identify the ultimate beneficiary (beneficiary) of the company. In general, in order to open a bank you need to provide the bank with the following documents and data:

  • Constituent documents of

  • Copies of passports

    customer (manager of the account, the ultimate beneficiary, directors, shareholders)

  • Description

    business. It can be both existing and planned business (if the company has not yet started its operations)


sitatsii may also be required:

  • CV (resume)
  • Confirmation
  • financial solvency (certificate for real estate, car, bank statement in another bank, etc.)

should bear in mind that this list is not final. Some banks are required to provide additional information, such as recommendations partners or recommendations of other banks in which the company or individual - client accounts opened. Also, many banks appoint a personal meeting with the beneficiary company.

Thus, the provision of all required documents does not guarantee the fact that the bill is still open. If you have ever had problems with the law, or you have participated in a major scandal, or you are a political activity or official rank High luminance - the probability of failure of the bank to open an account is large enough. Anyway, each case will be considered individually.

Banks usually quickly (immediately or the next day) provide details of the account. However, this account is not active for outgoing payments until the date of full documentation and verification of their security service, legal service and service compliance.

Depending on the bank and the need for additional signing documents nominee directors of the company, it can take from the first up to 3 weeks.

you can manage your account remotely, mainly through the Internet bank or fax. This requires the designation codes and subsequent voice confirmation. To avoid unauthorized access to the account, banks issue special (sometimes multi-level) access codes for the client.

We are pleased to offer their services opening settlement, savings and investment accounts for legal entities and individuals in a wide range of foreign banks in full accordance with your requirements. Perhaps also opening an offshore bank account (in offshore jurisdictions).

Company L aw & Trust International cooperates with more than 80 banks n of the world. We can open an account in certain banks including without personal visit to the bank (without going to the bank), ie remotely.

Prices for assistance in opening bank accounts vary depending on the bank and a number of other circumstances. In some cases, may provide this service for free.

For more information, please contact us.

Open a bank account in Latvia, Lithuania, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Estonia, Liechtenstein, Cyprus, Germany, Austria, the United States and in other countries it is now easier than ever!

- The client understands that the company Law & Trust plozhit maximum effort to assist him in opening the account, but can not 100% guarantee this because of the nuances of the beneficiary or his company, which it can not be known or hidden by the beneficiary < / h6>
- when you open the account, the client agrees to provide the Company Law & Trust truthful information by any of their requests for submission to the bank