Considering the rapid development in e-commerce, we offer a range of works on licensing and functioning of a payment aggregator (gateway unit) in Latvia.

This service is already in demand in the banks of the Baltic States and operates in addition to the working function of the acquiring bank. This solution allows to substantially transfer risks directly from the bank to a separate legal entity (licensed payment aggregator).

Also, this scheme will facilitate to maximizing profits, significantly expanding the customer base. The Aggregator will be able to independently perform all the necessary legal and technical work to connect the maximum number of payment methods, and provide an opportunity to receive a wide range of on-line payments on a "one-stop shop" basis.

The main advantages of creating your Payment Aggregator (gateway unit) are the following:

  • Diversification of risks from the bank to the aggregator (for example, chargebacks or potential claims of Payment Systems (VISA and MASTERCARD) are charged to the aggregator, and not to the bank).
  • Significant reduction of reputational risks of the bank.
  • AML procedures of the payment aggregator vs AML procedures of the bank(the ability to work with high-risk customers).
  • Allocation of this sector into a separate structure.
  • After obtaining a license, diversification to other EU markets (passportization).

We offer formation, licensing in Latvia and work on launching (agreement, procedure, etc.) the payment aggregator. Upon applying for assistance to the specialists of Law&Trust International, you will get quality services at the best prices!