Mauritius Revenue Service has taken several additional measures to combat tax evasion. The head of the department, Sudhamo Lal, said that the tax authorities were able to collect 12% more taxes compared to the previous period in this way, but the debts of individuals and enterprises also increased.

Thanks to the reforms the government had undertaken to increase tax control, the jurisdiction gained more trust from international authorities. Besides, Mauritius further simplified the mechanisms for obtaining taxes and fees, which allowed the country to rise in the PwC rating from 10th to 6th place.

The increase in taxes was due to the prosecution of non-payers. Particular attention was paid to legal entities that do not file tax returns. After a series of inspections conducted by the department, notifications of the need to pay taxes were sent to approximately 700 companies, and another 300 legal entities were recalculated with additional assessments of mandatory payments.

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