The Greek authorities are preparing a pleasant innovation for a number of categories of the working population. In particular, it is planned to adopt a bill according to which tax rates will be reduced in 2020. In particular, the innovations will affect the Internet business, the self-employed population, wage workers and working pensioners.

The government intends to reduce the tax rate on personal income to 9%. In 2019, it is 22%. The norm will be applied to employees and self-employed persons who receive no more than 10 thousand euros. The bill should become a part of the New Democracy program, which should reduce the tax burden on businesses and households.

For freelancers, there is other good news in terms of taxation. In particular, self-employed persons will be able to get a discount of up to 177 euros, with the declaration of annual income from 8 626 to 20 000 euros. This rule will be applied to taxpayers who have no children.

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