64% is"for": the revision of corporate taxation is approved in Switzerland

At the last referendum in Switzerland, more than 64% of voters voted "for" on the revision of the system of state corporate taxation. Thanks to this decision, Parliament is obliged to acknowledge the provision of preferences for multinational companies.

According to the results of the Sunday referendum, where more than 64% were in favour of several proposals, the government is obliged to submit three federal draft laws to Parliament. These will be bills on taxation, on the rules of operation of international companies and pension reform.

Experts note that this decision will bring Swiss legislation in line with international tax standards, and will also reduce the base tax rates for companies that will help avoid their flight from the country.

Financial analysts argue that due to this decision, the burden on government agencies and ordinary citizens will increase. However, in return, Swiss citizens will receive almost 2 billion Swiss francs to the state pension system on an annual basis.

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