Preparation of legal documents for cryptocurrency exchanges, cryptocurrency exchangers and cryptocurrency funds

Подготовка юридических документов для криптовалютных бирж и криптовалютных обменников

Currently, cryptocurrency projects such as cryptocurrency exchanges, cryptocurrency exchangers, cryФptocurrency funds are gaining general demand in the market. One of the key points in this kind of activity is the preparation of legal documents that formalize the legal relations between the clients of the project and the company - organizer.

The possibility of presenting potential claims from clients, the procedure for resolving them and other significant legal issues will depend on the fact of competent compilation of these documents and on what rights and obligations will be reflected in them.

That is why it is very important for the start of any cryptocurrency project to draw up well-written legal agreements that will be fundamental documents in relations with potential clients or counterparties.

Naturally, the set of documents for each specific project and its features may differ, but we have outlined the following basic set, which each project must necessarily have:

  1. Terms and Conditions or Terms of Use are public conditions for the operation of your project, which are addressed to an indefinite circle of people, namely to any potential users who visit the project site. This document contains detailed conditions for working with users and it is necessary to approach its drafting responsibly and carefully, since it lays down the basic conditions for working with potential users.
  2. Privacy Policy is the basic document in the field of collection, processing and storage of personal data. Given the entry into force of the European Regulation on GDPR, it is very important that this document for your company be drafted in strict accordance with this Regulation in order to avoid the possibility of fines being imposed by the competent authorities, which can reach up to 20 million euros.
  3. AML Policyis the policy of the company in the field of combating money laundering. This document is especially relevant when working with cryptocurrency exchanges, exchangers, funds, because working with cryptocurrency assets imposes on projects an obligatory application of AML rules (Anti-Money Laundering rules) and regulations that are provided for in your company’s jurisdiction.

This document is particularly important for cryptocurrency exchanges and funds.

We draw your attention to the fact that this list is not exhaustive and is subject to adjustment depending on the specific activity. For example, the activity of a cryptocurrency fund implies the obligatory preparation of a contract for trust management or a contract for the sale and purchase of units, depending on the structure of the fund.

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